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Thursday, May 2, 2013

LDV Top 10: Table Lamps

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite design elements happens to be beautiful lighting. It has such a transformative effect on a room—no space looks truly finished without it. Often referred to as the “jewelry of a room” and with good reason, lighting, including table lamps, helps to create your chosen mood. I love table lamps because they offer a quick update since you don’t have to have them hard-wired and they are a fun way to try something a little more daring without the commitment of wallpapering an entire room in a bold print, per se. (Do you guys remember the episode of Million Dollar Decorators in which Ross decides to pain his client’s room hot pink?) While I love traditional shapes for table lamps, I’ve opted for some fun silhouettes and finishes here. The lamps on my “LDV Top 10” are sure to add a ton of personality and style to any room!


Julie said...

Gorgeous picks, Paloma! You have such a great eye.


Simple Things said...

Crazy about #5

Cyndi said...

Love #6 but all of them are exceptional!

Cyndi said...

I love #6 but every single one is exceptional!

Unknown said...

Those are really cool table lamps! They're so pretty. I like having lots of lamps in my room. It's because I like reading and the lamps keep my room nice and bright. I found some table lamps that I really like from World To Home Website. They're so unique. All my friends love my lamp collection haha.