Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get the Look: A Modern Office

Hola! Arianna here, back with some more decor inspiration. For this month's Get the Look I'm featuring the office of Erin Hiemstra - a bright, clean, inviting space with with modern elements.


erin-hiemstra-office1 Create a similar look with these pieces: get-the-look-arianna-belle-erin-hiemstra-office

1. An updated Queen Anne-style chair in all white

2. Brass dome pendants for a touch of refined glamour

3. A sleek brass desk accessory to stylishly hold pencils and other tools

4. A clear acrylic tray to keep the desk neat and organized

5. A modern floating desk with clean lines and a metallic base

6. A cozy faux sheepskin rug to soften and add warmth


Zé Pedro Rodrigues said...

Hello, every time you step on your blog posts always find fantastics! Loved the mix of parts and the air soft and subtle that space has integrated!

Amanda said...

yes, yes & yes!! Hope the photoshoot when well and may or may not be stalking your blog for the next few weeks to see the pics. :-)

Apt. #34 said...

thanks so much for featuring my office ladies!

Dana said...

Ive been looking all over for a pic of her office (I had remembered seeing it somewhere), and wanted to figure out whereto get that desk. THANK YOU for posting these ideas - LOVE it soo much!!!!

The Casual Classic

George Tomlinson said...

Stunning modern elements suitable for offices of today. Glad you took the time to share it to those who are looking for ideas on designing their own workspaces.