Monday, April 29, 2013

High Point Recap

Last Thursday, I got back to my regular routine after being away in High Point for seven days. I can always count on High Point Market to be two things: inspiring and exhausting! When I’ve gone to market for my job with Visual Comfort, we put in really long hours in the showroom and then go out to events and dinners afterwards, so we’re on our feet for at least 14 hours each day. Exhaustion aside, I absolutely love High Point because it is completely energizing. It is so wonderful to see so many beautiful things in one place and to connect with people who love this industry as much as I do. This market was particularly great. People are out spending money which is a great sign for all of us, the new AERIN collection for Visual Comfort that I have been very involved with was extremely well received by buyers, editors, and bloggers alike, and speaking of bloggers—I got to see a lot of my friends and readers which is always a huge plus.
{Unfortunately, I can’t share images of all of the gorgeous new pieces in the AERIN lighting, furniture, and textile collections until July because a very important publication has the exclusive. Stay tuned because every piece is amazing. I seriously want it all. It’s so chic!}
{At Visual Comfort, we introduced a lot of new oversized pieces like these amazing Morovian stars done in huge scale with an antiqued glass finish. They’re even more beautiful in person.}
{Thomas O’Brien debuted this handsome new Solitaire collection, which I absolutely love. Aren’t the table lamps fabulous?}

{The pendants on the left are part of Thomas' new Solitaire collection. They feel like a slightly more classic, polished version of the widely-loved Hicks Pendant. I know that so many of you love the Hicks (I have one hanging over my breakfast table!), but you struggle with the fact that it's become so ubiquitous. Perhaps the Solitaire could be a new option?}

{As I mentioned before, Visual Comfort introduced quite a few new large-scaled pieces. One of my favorites is this massive Markos Flush Mount by the queen of stylish flush mounts, Alexa Hampton. It's perfect for anyone who wants a big, glamorous statement piece, but doesn't have the ceiling height to accomodate a traditional chandelier. This piece would also be fabulous in a bedroom.}

{One of the highlights of Market is getting to see all of my peeps! I love running into my blog friends and readers. This time I got to see a lot of my favorite people (yay!), including Caitlin from Sacramento Street and Grant K. Gibson.}

{Another  higlight of this market was seeing the gorgeous new AERIN collection come to fruition. I've worked very closely with her team in preparation for the launch and we couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. Seriously you guys, it's amazing. We also hosted a reception for AERIN where she mingled with our guests. She is so inspiring-- an astute business woman with beauty, charisma, and grace.}


{Sweet Friends Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors and Lauren Haskett of Material Girls at our AERIN Shindig}


{During the times that I've gone to High Point with Visual Comfort, I have spent just about all of my time in our showroom, as you would expect. I was thrilled to have been able to visit a couple of nearby showrooms this time around while on a lunch break or run to Starbucks! Design Legacy's Atelier Collection did not disappoint. I loved all of the abstract art as well as the abundance of Lucite.}


{This vignette echoes spring, doesn't it? I love the fresh color palette.}


{I love this combination of coral and navy.}
{Fabulous Lucite Chair at Design Legacy}

{I was so excited to stumble upon the Festoni booth across from Starbucks at Market Square. I loved SO many of the pieces in this booth and was happy to discover that this company is based in Houston!}

{Festoni's assortment of pillows is amazing! They have so many pretty pillow designs.}

{This chest features a zebra pattern achieved through bone inlay.}

{Aside from their great furniture offerings, Festoni also has great ceramic lamps and chic abstract paintings.}


{I love this shade of coral. The chairs are such a great shape and the Greek key trim on this pillow is at once classic and inventive.}
{Another great black and white bone inlay piece, this time in the form of a mirror. I also love these pretty blue Murano glass lamps.}

{A Great Gloss White and Lucite Desk at Festoni}


{On that same coffee run, I was also able to make a quick pit stop at Taylor Burke Home. I loved this brass and fabric ottoman that can be customized in a variety of fabrics and also comes in Polished Nickel.}
{Pretty Chippendale Inspired Chair at Taylor Burke Home}


{I loved the coral chair and coral contrast piping on this loveseat at Taylor Burke Home.}

{And speaking of coral, how fabulous is this coffee table? The gilded frame is accented by little coral flourishes. It all has a very Southern-Regency feel!}
This was probably the best trip that I've had in High Point. I came home feeling inspired and energized, thankful for some possible new opportunites and ready to make things happen. To top things off, on the way home, I had a chance encounter with someone I had a falling out with a couple of years ago. It was so random to see her at the airport in Greensboro, NC, but thankfully, we had a good chat and were able to work things out. I'm sure you can relate-- the weight of such things can be so heavy. I had carried this in my heart for a good while and am so grateful that God gave us the chance to connect and finally let it go.
Did you go to High Point this time around? What did you find most inspiring? What were some of your favorite finds?


Unknown said...

This is the first market in 2 years I didn't wander over to VC! I loe those Moravian Stars. I'm also loving all the new Lucite pieces. I NEED that Chippendale bench. It's fabulous.
Lulu and Daisy

Betsy Soos said...

I was just as "wowed" with Design Legacy and the customizable ottoman at Taylor Burke Home as well! So funny that out of all the amazing showrooms at High Point, I instagrammed these two showrooms most often. I wandered through VC and wish that I would've met you in person. I hope you had a chance to go through Trowbridge next door, I've always been impressed with their frames.


Splenderosa said...

Paloma, what is the art in the 1st image? Love it!

alison giese Interiors said...

SO dying to go to High Point! Since we're moving back to the States, I'm hoping I can hit the Fall show. *Fingers crossed

alison g.

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

OMG LOVE the Taylor Burke Home stuff in addition to the Aerin -- can't wait to see it all!!

Edyta Diseño&Decoración said...

Me ha encantado todo!!

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I am also curious where the artwork from the 1st image is from?? Every vignette is gorgeous!! I can imagine you are in inspiration-overload.



Carol Hu said...

Hi, that's great you were there. I had hoped you'd see my works at both Market Square and at EJ Victor (where Aerin's line is). I was showing with Charles Harold Co. Http:// Aerin's line was gorgeous.

The enchanted home said...

So much to love..great highlights. How fun to see all that is new and exciting, so sorry I wasn't able to go. Fun to meet up with new and old friends alike, love the coral and navy combo fresh and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!

Tara D said...

Thank you for your thoughts at the end of your post. You are right about the weight of disagreements being very heavy and weighing on the soul. In reading your post it made events of the last day seem much more trivial. Thank you for sharing your made me hopeful.