Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dissecting the Details: Anne Hepfer

Hello lovely LDV readers! It's Nancy of Marcus Design here, with the latest installment of 'Dissecting the Details.' I'm a lover of young traditional design, and Toronto-based designer Anne Hepfer does fresh sophistication immaculately. Today we take a peek at Anne's living room spaces, and 4 key elements she implements in her designs.

I adore how Anne freely mixes animal prints with bold color, geometric fabrics and texture through use of wool rugs and velvet pillows! That sounds like a lot, but doesn't it appear so cohesive?
Though the majority of pieces in Anne's living room spaces are neutral, she tends to use a bright pop of color which takes everything to the next level. You'll notice she tends to use velvet upholstery in lovely jewel tones.
While the whole room layout may not be symmetrical, there always seems to be one symmetrical vignette that grounds the entire space. As you scroll through, you'll likely notice that each image contains an element of symmetry, typically a console table with two flanking chairs and wall sconces, or a pair of arm chairs and ottomans. 
Beautiful shades of blush, soft curvy furnishings, and skirted upholstery give Anne's living spaces feminine flair without being too 'girly.' Everything screams sophistication, doesn't it? To see more of Anne Hepfer's gorgeous portfolio go here, you won't be disappointed!


The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Great post Nancy! I agree- her use of bold color and pattern manages to work together cohesively- not an easy task as a designer!

emi said...

all gorgeous! thanks for sharing the inspiration! xo

Unknown said...

I adore your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster award:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous post.

Thank you Paloma.

Does Anne have a website?

Carol :)

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pictures, so inspiring. Holly xx

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