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Thursday, March 21, 2013

LDV House Tour: Mark D. Sikes

{Mark and his partner, Michael share their chic home in the hills of West Hollywood with their darling French Bulldog, Lilly.}
Being a blogger can be a funny thing sometimes. It has given me opportunities I could have never dreamed of and has afforded me the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals, regardless of their geographic location. The thing I treasure most from my blog is the friendships I have made as a result. Mark Sikes and I first connected around the time his house was published in House Beautiful in late 2011 and we became fast friends. While we were in L.A. last week, Mark was kind enough to invite us over to his gorgeous home for a drink before we headed out to dinner at the swanky Tower Bar. While we had some fun celebrity sightings at dinner, the highlight of my evening was spending time with my dear friend and seeing his home in person. The other funny thing about blogging, you ask? Choosing between being a good blogger and always having your camera ready or remembering your manners and trying to be gracious while walking around a friend’s home snapping photos. It’s a fine line, so I snapped a few iPhone photos as Mark gave us a tour and opted to leave the DSLR at the hotel!
photo {You have most likely seen Mark’s home featured in House Beautiful and Lonny. I have to say, it is even more beautiful in person. Mark’s house is chic, glamorous, and stylish, like the things he blogs about, but it is also incredibly warm and gracious, just like he is.}
photo (1) {Mark’s Kitchen}
photo (2)
{A Built-In Banquette in the Master Bedroom}
photo {The Pretty Master Bedroom}
photo {It’s hard to pick a favorite room in Mark’s house because each room is so stunning. If I had to choose, it would be a toss up between the glamorous living room and this fabulous guest room.}
{I love this vignette in the guestroom.}
{This corner of the room is my favorite—so chic!}
photo (2) {Mark mentioned that the guest bathroom with its black lacquered walls is one of the rooms in the house that he gets the most comments on from readers. It’s such a stylish, masculine space.}
photo (1)
{Mark’s library is pretty impressive. Not only is it a very pretty room, but he also has an enviable magazine collection that fills up the shelves that line three of the four walls!}
photo (1)
{Mark’s home is filled with amazing art. Even the bathrooms have some really great pieces.}
{A Vignette in the Upstairs Hallway}
Isn’t Mark’s house fabulous? Stay tuned because he’ll be sharing his favorite room with us next Tuesday!


Jessie said...

True Story- my goal in life is to be BFF with Mark D. Sikes. Not normal. ha. His house is insane.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I want to pin it all! And I love seeing rooms that I've seen before at night. The lights cast a different view. Thanks for sharing!

CS said...

Absolutely one of my all time favourites. Looking through this tour shows me how much I have been subconsciously re-doing my home with a lot of similar elements. In love!!

Karena said...

Mark has great taste beyond glamorous!
Thanks Paloma!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

So. Fabulous. I bet it is even more gorgeous in person! How does a person even get to be that fabulous?!?!

Over The Moon

pixelimpress said...

i remember his house from the house beautiful issue. i love that sofa and shelves across from the kitchen island.

Tobe | BIA said...

His kitchen and guest room are absolutely stunning. I would kill for that kitchen!

Lorraine Robain said...

I repeatedly find that I discover myself anew in other people's powder rooms. I stop to check myself, and the environment is never incidental to this exercise. This spare white bathroom, with
its 'NYC subway tile' and framed line drawing of an almost vulnerable torso, along with the simple foliage arrangement (its reflection captured in the glass of the framed art)could facilitate a particularly sober evaluation of self. Almost spiritual, this space.

kerry said...


You've lived out my dream! Lucky!!! Thanks for sharing.

tryggvirafn said...

This is cool!

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