Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabulous Room Friday 03.22.13


I wish I had more images to share of this week’s fabulous room, but apparently, they are nowhere to be found despite my efforts! I came across this image on the Facebook page of Casa Vogue Brazil’s Anuario Decoradores 2013 and was immediately drawn to the color palette as well as the mix of traditional and modern pieces since I like to mix the same types of elements when I decorate. The fireplace is spectacular in its bold simplicity. I love all of the contrasts. You’ll also notice the floor to ceiling mirrors flanking either side of the fireplace which undoubtedly make the room feel infinitely larger. I am a sucker for symmetry and clearly, the person who designed this room is too. Everything looks so much better when there is order in a space.

Does anyone know who the designer is so that I can properly credit them? What are your thoughts? Do you like the saturated use of color in this space? Do you like the mirrors? Have a fabulous weekend!


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Happy Friday! Love symmetry and love mirrors. Saturated colors are also something I love as I feel they add so much impact and depth.

Hope you are doing wonderful and have a great weekend!


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Those bergeres are to-die-for! I love the color palette for the space-totally wouldn't mind seeing more either ;)

Annemiek said...

Wauw, wat een geweldige Stoel box

Donna Benedetto said...

Everything about this room is fabulous. The color, choice of furniture and fabrics and layered accessories make it feel fresh yet timeless. Love it.
Thanks for sharing this one.

Donna Benedetto said...

The space was designed by Luiz Bick and William Simonato.

Ana Secco said...

Lindos *--*