Monday, January 14, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Stylebook


Do you remember the movie Clueless as fondly as I do? I remember thinking how amazing Cher Horowitz’s computerized closet was for selecting outfits for her! If you’ve ever wanted to achieve something similar, you should check out Stylebook, a fabulous iPhone App that allows you to curate your wardrobe effortlessly. The concept for Stylebook was “inspired by co-founder Jess's experiences organizing and tracking clothes in the fashion closets of Vogue and Modern Bride as an intern and her efforts to look fashionable on a budget while working as the art assistant at Lucky magazine.”


Stylebook is a virtual closet for your real-life wardrobe. The app provides a number of tools to help you get the most out of your wardrobe—including a closet to catalog pictures of your clothes, customizable categories, a calendar to plan what to wear, a worn history log to track how often clothes are worn, a style inspiration library and an outfit creator to let users build outfits and mood boards. The app is designed to help you carefully curate your wardrobe so you can look effortlessly chic everyday. We want you to get the most out of what you already have in your closet and to choose new pieces that will integrate well into your wardrobe as a whole. Stylebook currently runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch; an iPad version is in the works.


How To Use Stylebook Everyday

You want to wear a specific top but don't know what to wear it with.

Open the top in your Closet and look at the properties screen - from there you'll be able to view every outfit you've styled using that piece.

You just had a great outfit idea, but you're still in the subway going home from work.

Use the Looks feature to make a quick outfit collage.

You're going to a black-tie wedding and want to buy a new pair of heels.

Use the shopping feature to do an advanced search for the exact color, style, and store you want to buy them from. Once you've found some candidates, add the images to your closet and test them out with the dress you'll wear. Email yourself the link so you can buy them online.

You're going on a business trip but don't have time to go home and tear your closet apart looking for outfits that are good to wear.

While you're at lunch or commuting home, plan out your looks with the outfit editor and then import them into a packing list so you can remember how you mixed and matched all the different pieces.

You want to update your wardrobe, but you want to make sure you buy pieces that count.

Look at your Style Stats and see what pieces you wear the most and least. Now you can decide what you can take out of retirement or donate, and you'll be able to see what holes you need to fill in your wardrobe.

If one of your resolutions for 2013 is to get more organized, freshen up your style, or change your shopping philosophy, Stylebook will be your go-to app for anything fashion or wardrobe related. It’s quickly become a must-have for me!

For more information on Stylebook, visit the official Stylebook website, Pinterest page, and follow along on Twitter.


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I totally forgot about the Clueless closet!! Ah memories. I love the idea of this app. I find myself putting together pretty cool outfits and then never remembering to do it again.

luckygirl said...

THANK YOU! I've been trying to use the Polyvore app on my phone but just can't seem to make it work - Stylebook is just what I'm looking for!

Jacquie Heil said...

I have used Stylebook for two years in my closet editing business Closet Rapture. It has pro en to be one of apps available for closet and wardrobe management and an essential tool for my clients who are mainly very busy execs that travel. A great deal. I love that it is so easy to use and to teach my clients to use. We used to create business travel look books for them but Stylebook has eliminated the need to take an extra item with them. Everything is readily available on their phone.

Stefanie Grace said...

I downloaded this app two weeks ago and I haven't used it yet. You just inspired me to get it sorted out! Thanks Paloma!

And its great to see that real stylists use it too from the comments!

Stephanie Tamayo said...

This is Genius! I have been wanting to start planning my wardrobe for the week on Sunday's...I think this may get me motivated!

Uploading as we speak! Thank you!