Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabulous Room Friday 01.04.13

philip gorrivan
We’ve made it through the first week of the new year! I hope 2013 has been kind to each of you so far. The first fabulous room of 2013 comes to us from Philip Gorrivan, a designer I greatly admire and whose work I have loved for several years. This room embodies many of the design elements I hope to see more of throughout the year. The space includes a luxurious mix of classic silhouettes met with modern verve. The textiles are composed of sumptuous silks, velvets, and linens punctuated by shades of green and blue. I love the dark chocolate walls which almost read black from some angles, serving as the perfect background for the pops of color. Overall, the space feels like the embodiment of “modern traditional” style—one of my favorite ways to decorate.
philip gorrivan2 {I love the contrast between the classic furniture shapes and the more casual Beni Ourain rug and modern Saarinen Tulip Table. Such a great mix!}
philip gorrivan3 {An Alternate View of the Gorgeous Space}

What are your thought on the combination of design elements in this stunning room? What are you hoping to see more of in design this year?


StyleAspirations said...

I love your description of this space as a " luxurious mix of classic silhouettes met with modern verve." What a lovely room! I would love to see more of what this room represents; a mix of styles and periods. I hope that this proves to be a fantastic, healthy year for you!

Marybeth said...

I think there's only a single the second image you can see the piece on the left wall has a white tapered leg, so its probably a console table with a greek key apron, rather than a mantel. Great the blue sidechairs between the windows, the slipper chairs & the pair of klismos too. Happy 2013!

Heather Christo said...

I absolutely LOVE the dark walls. I am itching to repaint my livingroom and this is very inspiring. Thank You!

ddu said...

Beautiful room with fabulous dark walls. But may I politely add peacocks to the list of decorative elements I hope to see fly away in 2013? Best wishes!

betinahluna said...

The room is really beautiful! I love ti