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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dream Home: Moth Design

Today’s beautiful “Dream Home” comes from the fabulous Erica of Moth Design! She picked some stunning kitchen and bath options for her post. Once you’re finished here, be sure to check out Erica’s stunning “real” home on her blog!

moth design

Hello, it's Erica from Moth Design here today with my dream home. When Paloma asked me to be a part of this series I found myself pondering what indeed makes a home a dream home. Finishes? Interior? With a little contemplation I realized it's just as much about location, functionality and aspects other than just aesthetics.

For me a dream home would be in a moderate climate (no -22F weeks). My list would include an enclosed outdoor area, the property would have great soaring views and waterfront access. My dream home would also have slightly more modern bones, architecturally speaking and slightly more traditional soft furnishings. While all of these elements might make for a pretty outstanding place I know it could still feel less than perfect without the details, character and special accents that give a home soul.

When welcoming you in to my home you may see something a little like this...
Setting the pace for what's to come in the rest of the home.
For my family, the kitchen is by far the most important room as we seem to do most of our living there. I know from my home now that a gallery wall is perfect in the kitchen.
I've done many white kitchens for myself and clients alike, however I'm thinking the next space would be layered with black and mixed metals. I seem to gravitate to this look.
Pinned Image



This banquette is so inviting. I can imagine spending many happy hours in a space like this.
                 Pinned Image
I'd keep the formal living room a little on the smaller side.
Pinned Image
When it comes to hanging out as a family I'd want a room to hold the largest most comfy sofa around. There would be a lot of great movies viewed, board games played and generally good family times spent in a room like this.
I love a repetition of black and white in my home. I also love built in niches and marble. This is my idea of bathroom perfection.
I also have a soft spot for intriguing little architectural details. I really feel they are what give a space it's personality. This circular window in charming and I love the principal suite to match. Not too big and soothing in it's tone on tone palette.
Let us not forget the walk in closet!
This oversized covered dining room is amazing... with the addition of an all weather seating area and outdoor fireplace it would be nothing less than idyllic.
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Is there anything better than being able to close the doors on this when you're done with food prep? I think I'll add this to the photo above as well!
Now, this may seem silly, but I've loved the idea of a paved yard for some time. I think this idea came from hot Calgary summers. The grass gets so dried out and my brown thumb doesn't help.
So there you have it. Thanks so much for having me here on La Dolce Vita for this fun guest post Paloma! Also, while we're at it, I'm on to thinking up my dream cottage, ski chalet, and destination city pied a terre. Ha! xo


Fran said...

Just gorgeous...the pics you select all work together...i could totally envision all of these belonging to one home!! You've obviously thought long and hard about this! :)

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Ohhhh, I adore! That kitchen is spectacular. And that closet? Dying!



Karena said...

Beautiful! Thank you Paloma, , for featuring Ms Moth! Erica I love your use of black accents, it adds an edge of sophistication and contrast!

Art by Karena

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I am in love with the kitchen. Mixing metals seems to be very popular right now in kitchen design. I just did a post on that topic yesterday


Angela/LifeLoveLuxe said...

Agreed with Fran, this is all so cohesive and beautiful, I'd think it was all from the same home/photoshoot! Simply lucsious choices. Can I move in when you move out?

homestilo said...

Great picks. I am really liking the entryway in the first image (it's what I miss the most, living in an "open concept" plan)

homestilo said...

Great Picks. I really like the entryway in the first image (it's what I miss the most, living with an 'open concept' plan)

Anonymous said...

I love that Allyson Reynolds painting. Would love to know more about it. Do you think she could provide a link?

alicia said...

everything is so beautiful! perfect.

Lindsey said...

That kitchen is insanely gorgeous.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Isn't Erica the best!!!!!!
She has the best taste ever and is as sweet as her home.... which is gorgeous. I just love the black and white theme going on and those barn doors are to die for. I actually have that pinned on one of my boards in Pinterest. Nice collaboration girls.

pve design said...

Erica is such a tease.
What a dream house, not that she does not live in a dreamy house already!

Unknown said...

Stunning! What an inspiration.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Amazing pics, but that bathroom sink and cabinet is just too much to believe!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I'd happily take that kitchen and bath too!..... oh, and the pool and.....

Barbara Matson said...

Gorgeous ideas Erica! Love that banquette! As for a large comfy couch we have that, but I find it too comfy, can't get people off of it!

Erica Cook said...

Thanks for all of the lovely comments ladies, and thanks so much for having me Paloma! It was a pleasure. xo

Unknown said...

Bee-yoo-tiful!!! Erica's real home is so lovely I was curious what her dream home would be and it is STUNNING! Those kitchen/banquet areas are just to die for!!

Jacquleyn {The 20 Something Society} said...

Just spectacular!

Natalie Boenker said...

LOVE the kitchen, its so stunning!!