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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dream Home: Because It’s Awesome

Today’s fabulous “Dream Home” comes from the mind of Tobe of Because It’s Awesome. Tobe scoured high and low to find inspiring rooms that we haven’t all seen a million times before and she definitely succeeded! I am particularly in love with the rich, navy dining room she chose. Enjoy!
Because It's Awesome
Hello! Tobe here from because it's awesome, quite honored to be giving you a tour of my dream home today on La Dolce Vita!
Our home is  full of character and life. Please, come on in.
The entry was influenced by one of my favorites, markham roberts. I'm so happy with the bold color and pattern. I'm still looking for the perfect metallic touch, and am on the hunt for large scale black and white geometric pillows for a graphic punch on the settee. Our homes are always a work in progress, are they not?
Let me show you to our family room, where we spend quite a bit of our time.
The kids are fearless, jumping from that ottoman to the couch and back again.
I truly adore all of our pieces and the layout, but I'm debating a new color scheme. Maybe something more like this:
Right this way, you'll find our library. I just love getting lost in a book here with a cup of coffee.
From there, I'll show you to the den, which doubles as our office:
1 || 2
The floral artwork is a little feminine for my husband, but he lives with it because I am smitten with the drama of it against the blue green walls. Of course, no office or den is complete without a mini bar, velvet seating and mirrored bookshelves.
Just past the den is our kitchen:
and at the end of the island, our breakfast nook:
We've hosted many a guest here in our dining room:
The rich navy walls are so enveloping. It really is a wonderful room to host parties way into the night.
If you need it, the powder room is right around this corner:
If you care to follow me upstairs, I'll show you to your room for the evening.
and the guest bath:
If you need anything, we're just right down this hall is our master:
and our bath:
We have a perfect view of the backyard from our private balcony. see the patio? it overlooks the infinity pool:
and if you look just past those trees, you can see the tree house. though it doesn't look like much, it's a perfect place to escape to when you need a few minutes to yourself.
1 ||  2
Loved having you by -- please come back anytime!
Thanks again, Paloma, for having me today!


L.A. in the bay said...

yes, please! what gorgeous rooms

Unknown said...

Stunning! Tobe is one of my faves! Love the mix of sophisticated color, pattern, rich textures and that touch of glam!

jacquelyn | lark&linen said...

Tobe has the most amazing style! I just adored this little peek into her dream home

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I want to live in your dream home, especially the outside "Tree Fort" escape room.


Sarah said...

Well that was just DELIGHTFUL!

Jalon Burton said...

WOW - what a sweet surprise! I am planning to 'run-away' SOON!
Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'd be at home in any room in this house. Esp love that black and white breakfast room--so striking!

Marcus Design said...

Love it Tobe! I love the vibe all the images give together in a group. That dining room is in my files too!!

Nancy xo

Tobe | BIA said...

thanks so much for the sweet comments, all! you're welcome over anytime :)

and thanks again, Paloma, for having me!

Katie said...

What a fabulous house! I'm ready to move right in...XoXo

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

Love it all!! I could totally see Tobe living here. Mostly, because I'd REALLY want to come visit!

Anna - Canoe Design said...

What a great dream home - I love the feel, colours and inspiration!

Alexandra said...

What an AMAZING place! I love the fact that the outside pick is a more traditional/cape cod style house, but it has lots of flair on the inside!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Gorgeous! love how cozy, inviting and full of character each room is ;)

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

totally obsessed with your picks! Especially that infinity pool. Great dream home.



Sylvie said...

Great choices! I love the exterior, but mostly "your" backyard! I could spend hours and hours out there!

alicia said...

gorgeous rooms! definitely a dream.

Lex said...

Finally, a home with a personality! Loved every rooom!

Janet Saucedo @StudioBlueJewelry said...

Amazing style...amazing interior photos. Thanks for posting.