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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael S. Smith: Kitchens and Baths

Last week, I received an advance copy of designer, Michael S. Smith’s newest tome, Kitchens and Baths from Rizzoli. The book is filled with inspiring images of Smith’s signature “California Traditional with a Twist” style. While the main focus of the book is in fact on kitchens and bathrooms, plenty of other rooms are featured as well.

Considering the fact that most people spend the majority of their design dollars on kitchens and baths, it’s quite thoughtful of Smith to hone in on that niche and deliver inspiration targeted at those who are in search of inspiration for the two rooms in which most people spend a good bulk of their time. The book starts out with a lovely introduction from Smith on infusing style and character into two spaces of the home that typically feature new appliances and other unromantic objects. “Function is the driving force, yet you can’t forget comfort as well” says Smith. From there, the book is divided into project types: Beach, Town, and Country. All in all, I really enjoyed the mix of styles that Smith infuses into his projects as well as seeing how these ubiquitous living spaces are transformed into beautiful, inspiring rooms with loads of character.

{The use of Spanish tile and open shelving lend a welcoming, informal vibe to this kitchen.}


{The nineteenth century lanterns in this kitchen are show stopping.}


{I love the gorgeous, iron-framed mirror from JF Chen in this bathroom.}

{This glamorous space features beautiful lighting, floor to ceiling marble, and classic plumbing fixtures.}

{This bathroom features a Mercer tub by Urban Archaeology and Etoile fixtures from Waterworks.}

{This bathroom, from a home in Brentwood feels so very “Los Angeles” to me. I came to really love LA style after spending time there for several High Gloss photo shoots. The old-meets-new sensibility in this space is what I came to love so much about the homes I spent time in while in LA. The dual pedestal sinks, French doors, and original built-ins are all so charming.}


{Images Courtesy of Rizzoli and Michael S. Smith}


Luciane at said...

Wow! This book is promising!

I'm in love with the second kitchen. It feels so "homey", so "come here, I have something for your to eat"! :-) The last bathroom doesn't even feel like a bathroom. It's so open, so bright. Lovely!

Great post, Paloma!


Luciane at

Karlita said...

loved everything about the Brentwood home's bathroom! thanks for sharing Paloma!

scsd said...

mmm.... love the bathroom with the marble wall! they're all beautiful. Great inspiration!

blair @ scsd

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

I stared at that last photo for quite some time! I love all of the warm accents. Beautiful...

The enchanted home said...

Really looking forward to getting this book, he is a timeless desigern with impeccable style.


I am from Italy and I like to visit your blog becouse I discover many interesting things.
The images posted here for example, I love them becouse they are so different from our usual italian style..

Squeak said...

I love Michael S. Smith's designs and I love kitchens and baths, so I pre-ordered this book from Amazon the minute I heard about it. I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

India said...

Wow! This book is so beautiful!

The Buzz Blog said...

We knew this book was coming out but didn't know that our dancing orchid would be on the cover - so exciting!

Chic Coles said...

His work is just stunning. thank you so much for the sneak peek.