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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Room Friday 09.15.2011

I have to be completely honest. This week, coming up with a “Fabulous Room” to feature seemed like a nearly impossible task. Now that I’ve gone back to work, I don’t have as much time to browse through magazines and surf the internet searching for inspiration. But more than that, I have been in a bit of a design rut. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired by the spaces I am seeing on blogs and in the magazines. Even when something is really beautiful, I feel as though I have already seen it a million times before. Are people not being as original or am I oversaturated with images of interiors?Perhaps writing La Dolce Vita, working in the design industry, reading blogs, and feeding my Pinterest addiction has taken a bit of a toll and things don’t seem as fresh to me as they once did. Maybe that’s why the room I chose for today’s feature feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s not even an entire room—it’s just a shower—a really large walk-in shower, but a shower nonetheless. I looked at this image and was immediately drawn in. After a long day at work, I found myself wishing I could experience this fabulous shower for myself. It’s crisp, clean, and classic—white subway tile, dark grey slate, a beautiful painted wood ceiling, and timeless plumbing fixtures. The design is pure and nothing is competing for attention. Did I mention the wonderful light flooding through the windows? It all looks so serene and really kind of perfect.

I think I’ll do my best to “unplug” this weekend and step away from the computer. Sometimes, it helps to take a couple of days to venture out into the real world in order to feel inspired again. Do you ever go through design ruts in which few things feel new or inspiring? Happy Friday!


Luciane at said...

I agree with you. I'll have to work a lot during this weekend, but I also need to unplug sometimes. It's so important to refresh our ideas and feel more inspired after.

This is a "white canvas" that got some simple and RIGHT strikes of paint on it. Lovely rain shower... my favorite!

Have a great weekend. I'm going to bake a cheesecake now! :-)


Luciane at

Jean @ Flower Hill said...

I would love to have a space like this! Love the black and white!

Amanda said...

oh girl! I can so relate. And I do think that because of all the internet and the access we have to such great & beautiful things in an instant we have become over saturated. It use to be only shelter mags that brought us inspiration & that was only once a month. Now once it shows up in one design-every body & their mother has it or a version of it and if feels "so last year" when in reality is was like "last week". I keep thinking with all the design blogs, home decor blogs,& on-line magazines out there we;re headed for a "bust" kinda like the real estate market! LOL
I agree with your "unplug" idea- head outdoors, grab a Starbucks and let nature inspire you!
Have a great weekend!

Ana Liz said...

I can't agree more. I've been reading a lot of design blogs and people seem unimpressed with shelter magaine spreads lately but I truly believe that is a result of our instant gratification received via pinterest, blogs, online mags and other sites. This room is so pure and simple, I wonder if the next 'wow' factor in interiors is a return to minimalism and muted tones.

The Golden Girls said...

great decision :) take a break and refresh your senses, you will come back feeling wonderful on Monday! great post and enjoy the weekend! xx Golden White Décor

scsd said...

Agreed! Over-saturation is def the culprit... just step away for a couple days, and you'll find something unexpected that will inspire you!

blair @ scds

lamb and blonde said...

What a gorgeous shower! I would love to have that.

Yes, "unplugging" for a couple days is a great way to recharge, refresh, renew inspiration.

I do think seeing an over-saturation of imagery has an effect on those of us constantly seeking new ideas. Being a collector of design pics, I think it is easy to feel like I've seen it all before.

But somewhere out there is something a little different, something personal, something worth seeing.

Happy Friday, Paloma!

Lily said...

I agree...even though its fun to look at all the gorgeous photos out there all the time, it can make it all look pretty similar ! This shower is gorgeous though.


Katherine @Antweak said...

I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday! Browsing some of the pintrest boards and even my favorite blogs...I feel like so much of it is stuff I've seen before, or just doesn't impress me as much lately.

Sometimes I think there can almost be oversaturation as a blogger/designer/design blog junkie. We've often seen spaces before they even hit the monthly glossies, which can be a real let down. When I get in that rut I have to pull back from looking at interiors, and turn to pop culture, art, nature, or the most random of things to find inspiration (books, fish bowl decor (no joke), whatever)..

Anyway, glad to know others feel this way at times (without sounding ungrateful for the many beautiful images and spaces that still inspire me daily). Thanks for sharing your thoughts...and the amazing shower. I love a shower with some natural light!


Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I love this and I'm saving this--I have a walk in shower right now with tan marble that I'm looking to demo with white and perhaps light grey marble on the floor. I'm liking the concept of using black on the floor although I have to say that marble is really hard to keep from water spotting. Happy Friday!

katiedid said...

Agree! Working in design and blogging can indeed take a toll! And i love your choice. Clean, simple, perfect.