Monday, April 11, 2011

This Week’s Quote

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quote failure henry ford

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Luciane at said...

Good morning, Paloma!

Did you have a good weekend. I hope you did!

I never can disagree with your quotes. You chose some really wise ones!

Have a blessed week!


Luciane at

meenal @ maison marigold said...

so true..have a lovely new week, Paloma..xx meenal

jessicaraesommer said...

What a Sweet post Paloma. I found your blog after meeting Jamie from I M A G I N E and a few others quite a while back and I'm happy I did. I've a designer in high end hospitality, but been working on my Art quite a bit lately. Talk about a new way of putting yourself out where and waiting for sink or swim!

Love this quote and photo. Happy Monday!!

xo Jessica Rae

Laura Trevey said...

Great words of wisdom for this Monday!

xoxo Laura

Cat said...

Wow, I love that!

Abby Barnett said...

Such a great quote. No truer words could be spoken!

Tracey said...

I don't really believe in failure either. xx

Serena @ Pretty Fluffy said...

What a quote to live by! Great way to start the week :)

Miami eye doctors said...

Life is made from failures and achievements, everybody can make mistakes, this is the human nature. The more important is to learn from mistakes and not persevere with them.

South of Market said...

Love this!

Arielle said...

I love this.
Saving it for sure!