Monday, April 27, 2009

Colorful Disposition: Palmer Weiss

I am really sad to have missed this year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase, especially because Palmer Weiss decorated one of the bedrooms. Her work is so fresh and chic. I would have loved to have seen it this year, but alas, we don't live anywhere near San Francisco, and being able to attend last year's showcase was just a lucky coincidence. Still, I wish that we had showcases of the same caliber of those in San Francisco or New York here in Houston. We certainly have some fantastic local talent and I can't think of why designers from other cities wouldn't want to come here. Unfortunately, most of the showcases in Houston tend to be in the faux-Tuscan, model home category, so thanks, but no thanks.

I'll stop myself before I really go on a tangent. Palmer Weiss is an unbelievably talented San Francisco-based interior designer with Southern roots, which are definitely evident in her work. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Domino and Traditional Home. Weiss' work is ideal for the way people live today. Not only does it look beautiful and chic, it also feels inviting and comfortable. Her use of color and pattern adds a sense of warmth to every space. You won't find a single sterile-looking space in her portfolio.

Take this room for example. Design purists might hate the fact that the focal point is the mounted plasma, but this is the way most people live in America! Palmer understands that, works around it, and the result is both stylish and livable. I love the colors used in this room. There are lots of trendy pieces which makes it feel current. Again, purists might argue that these things will look dated in a few years, but isn't that the case with everything? And let's face it, anyone who is even remotely interested in design is going to want to make some changes for the fun of it sooner than later.
This room makes me happy. Honestly, I can't help but smile when I look at it. The citrus colors are bright and cheerful and make for a very inviting space. I only wish we could see more of the kitchen!

I believe this beautiful nook is part of a sitting area in a master bedroom, but I think the chair and drapes would be gorgeous in a nursery. The colors work for both genders, and again, it just looks so darn cheerful. How great are these built-ins?

This bed is insane! I love the upholstered headboard and matching bedskirt in the funky fabric. The linens are gorgeous and from the looks of the monogram, I am inclined to say they are probably from Leontine, but I am not certain. The ceramic turquoise gourd lamp is lovely, too.

I love that Palmer can take something like a skirted table and make it feel young and almost funky! Isn't this great?
This is a more traditional take on an entry way, but again, the skirted table feels fresh here. I think it is all about the clean lines. I also like that it is paired with a traditional antique, gilded mirror. How about the zebra runner on the stairs?

This room was recently featured on the cover of Traditional Home and for good reason. All of the individual components are quite formal and traditional, but Palmer's use of color and method of styling breathe life into it and make it elegant, without feeling stuffy.

Again, Weiss takes some very traditional elements but keeps them from feeling too museum-like by infusing the room with elements like the greek key upholstered setee.

This lovely dining room features an eclectic mixture of styles. Present in this one room are Asian garden stools, Louis the XIV style chairs upholstered in Kelly Wearstler's Trellis fabric, slipcovered chairs, an antique gilded mirror and matching chandelier, and a pair of Foo Dogs.

This skirted table, in David Hicks' classic La Fiorentina pattern is a fabulous option for a desk. Think of all of the things you could store underneath, especially if you have limited space! The chair is beautiful and the lamp provides a hint of color.

P.S. If you were able to attend this year's Decorator Showcase in San Francisco, or if you find pictures, please share! :)

All images via Palmer Weiss Interior Design


Terry said...

I love the "can't help but smile" room too. I think it needs to be in a warm climate somewhere, maybe at a southern beach. But tracked in sand would probably mess up that shiny floor. Oh well.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Oh how I'm lusting after that ceramic gourd lamp!!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Hi, Love your blog! I agree, Palmer Weiss has great style!

Michelle Zuniga
Zuniga Interiors

My Galveston Cottage said...

Love the fabrics in this house.
I have found some very nice showhouses in Houston. I'm going to have to remember to post one next week! (perhaps you'll know them). It seems the best showhouses are those where assigned designers are few in number, they share the same sense of style, and they talk and plan beforehand.) -susan

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm not usually a big fan of the skirted table but I love how she does hers. The one with the red trim may have to be a diy project for me.

Jennifer said...

so pretty! and I don't think these look too trendy at all. most of the shapes she uses have precedence, and could be easily updated with color changes.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Michelle! :)

Love Where You Live, I would love to see the showhouses you have visited.

Sarah, I'm normally not a fan of skirted tables either, but she really puts a fresh spin on the concept.

Matters of Style said...

LOVE it all! I want to copy that master bedroom "reading nook" in my own home. Perfect.

tarheel said...

She's fabulous!! Thanks for the pictures.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I love all of her work!

Shelter said...

I just love her work. It's sooo cheery and colorful.


paula said...


rachaelgking said...

That red mirror above the skirted table...

I WANT IT!!! <3

LindsB said...

that bed is amazing! I love the monogrammed pillows, I think those are my favorite font I've seen.

Rachel said...

I did a post about Palmer Weiss a few weeks ago and I fully agree. I love her use of colors in her rooms!!

This Little Nest said...

Love that dining room! The eclectic look is right up my alley and that pop of green is fantastic! I am redoing my dining room as we speak and this is definitely an inspiration photo!