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Monday, March 9, 2009

Domino's Greatest Hits: Tori Mellott

Tori's Chic Living Room

Last month, I wrote my first installment of "Domino's Greatest Hits", featuring the fabulous office of Drew Barrymore's film company. Today, I will be focusing on another one of my personal favorites. Tori Mellot's tiny 450 square foot apartment is universally loved by many. It is incredibly polished and stylish, yet in true Domino fashion, the interiors feel attainable and have been emulated by quite a few people.

Tori's apartment is a true exercise in chic eclecticism. In my opinion, the most stylish interiors are those that look as though they have been created over a long period of time. They look and feel collected and layered, which in turn makes them special. Tori's use of multiple styles and mixture of new and antique pieces helps her to achieve an incredibly chic result.

For her living room, Tori chose Farrow & Ball's "Five Over Stripe" wallpaper, a fabulous greige sofa, the Chase pendant lamp by Robert Abbey, a Christopher Spitzmiller table lamp, and the Corinth convex mirror from Distant Origin. She painted the wood floors using Benjamin Moore's White Dove floor and patio enamel. She has used so many fantastic accessories in this room! The display on the wall is one of my absolute favorites. This is also a perfect example for mixing styles. For example, she pairs simple, white Parsons end tables with a black and gold leaf Moroccan-inspired coffee table.

Tori had floor to ceiling custom shelving put in to store her vast array of design books. Notice how they are stacked. The little lacquer tables double as step stools for reaching the top shelves.

Because her apartment consists of such a small amount of square footage, Tori found it essential to make sure that each space was clearly defined. For the hallway and kitchen, she chose Manuel Canovas "Jouvence" wallpaper in Anis, a Parsons shelf from West Elm, a Swarovski crystal doorknob, and the Edwardian Single pendant lamp by Circa Lighting.

Unhappy with the original color of the kitchen cabinets, Tori painted them a bright and cheery green ("Bed of Pine" by Pratt and Lambert). The Victor Vasarely prints are vintage from the 1970's and were purchased at Todd Alexander Romano Antiques and Decorations.

A Peek into Tori's Bedroom
Her headboard was custom made by Avery Boardman. Notice the feminine linens.

Tori's Former Apartment:

Tori's former apartment was also a big hit amongst Domino fans. She describes it as " a mix and clash fest of patterns-on-pattern, antiques and modern furniture, graphic and organic shapes. Never a dull moment." However, when she moved into her new apartment, she "wanted it to feel sleeker and more sophisticated."

Tori's former living room/ office is one of my favorite spaces ever published in Domino. Notice the fabulous chairs and rug, silhouettes, wall, and many stylish accessories.

Do you need help with your own small space? Tori had some advice to share with Apartment Therapy back in August:

'Incorporate Specific Zones: You can do this by using bold paint in the entryway and a neutral print in the adjoining space. Contrasting spaces will make the area seem bigger because it's not just one zone but three to four zones.
Use Repeated Motifs: In the article, Tori uses chartreuse toile in the hallway and the kitchen. She notes "You'd think the trippy print would be overwhelming but I've found that a repeated motif gives the teeniest nook an aura of grandeur."

Light Colors on the Floor: Whether you end up painting the hardwood floors white or just use white carpeting or rugs throughout, sunlight tends to bounce off the flooring producing a bright, airy effect.

Incorporate Stripes, Drapes or Artwork from Floor to Ceiling: In this apartment, she uses wallpaper to emphasize the high ceilings. The artwork above the couch is also displayed to the edge of the ceiling. This trick takes the viewers glance upward which makes any space seem bigger. Drapes hung at the edge of the ceiling and ending at the floor will also produce the same effect.

Mix in One or Two Oversized Pieces of Furniture: Tori states, "It's counterintuitive, but having one or two oversize pieces can fool the eye by making the rest of the furniture seem smaller." She also says that guests "Comment on the 25"-wide lamp because it's such a surprise." If your friends are noticing what's oversized or surprising they are less likely to focus on the size of the space.'

Which of Tori's two fabulous apartments do you prefer? Her previous apartment or her current one? By the way, does anyone know how long Domino is planning to keep their website up and running?

All images via Domino


Anonymous said...

One of my top five interiors EVER in domino..and of course, this is one of the only issues I lost this year..

Unknown said...

Oh no! You should check eBay. You might be able to find the issue there.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love Tori's apt! It was one of my favorite interiors. It has a little bit of everything that I love. The striped wall paper, the great office space with pops of pink then toile kitchen. Ah! True love.

Anonymous said...

I loved both looks!! I agree with you, homes look so much fresher, when they evolve {or look that way} over time.


Anonymous said...

Great site on interior design and furnitures. I am really enjoyed going through your website. Thanks for providing the info.

Anonymous said...

I think her kitchen is ugly, but the rest of the place is pretty nice. I like the living room.

paula said...

I absolutely adore her style. I personally love the second, but would live in the first.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... Missing Domino already.

Anonymous said...

Paloma, I love your retrospective look at Domino...but I'm still so sad about it being gone:(

Unknown said...

Thanks, Carolina! I am still so sad about it being gone, too. The worst part is that there really isn't anything comparable to Domino and it was a magazine that so many people felt they could actually relate to. Don't get me wrong, I love the gorgeous interiors in Elle Decor, but I am very much aware of the fact that they are completely unattainable for me.

chateaudelu said...

I am passing a torch, thanks for all the great posts, you deserve a Chic and Unique award!


No.35style said...

i used her gallery wall picture on a blog post her apt.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Tori's apt is one of my favorites... love it.

The Goods Design said...

I LOVED the spread on her apartment. What are we going to do without our dear Domino!

Anonymous said...

Hey I can see my artwork in this apartment.
Easiest way to look is on this

Do you agree? said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Tori. She's such a sweetheart with great style and an even greater sense of humor.