Monday, May 6, 2013

New Projects by Lázaro Rosa Violán


{The Forthcoming MG Hotel in Madrid—Isn’t this dining room spectacular?}

Lázaro Rosa Violán has been at the top of my list of favorite interior designers for the past few years now. His work inspires me beyond measure. I’ve blogged about him several times before and even had the chance to meet him when Fabian and I visited Barcelona a few summers ago. Lázaro was gracious enough to invite us for a visit to his ultra chic atelier which you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest as well as in the pages of AD España. What I admire most about his work is that it is all truly his. Every element in every space he works on is designed by Lázaro himself—every chair, every table, every light fixture or lamp, every piece of art. The man is a true artist. Last week, I decided to look at his website for the millionth time and was elated to see that it had been updated with photos of recently completed projects as well as very precise, detailed renderings of projects that are currently in progress.

Lázaro’s interiors are beautifully layered, with various styles blending together perfectly. The palettes he chooses are typically sophisticated and restrained, usually with one bold accent color. Lázaro’s work is rooted in masculinity, but he balances it with a touch of glamour nearly every time. In a word, his work is sublime. While going over some of my previous posts on his work, I came across a quote of his which left me feeling rather inspired: “The interior designer is an actor. He must dress up and change roles, understand new identities and integrate them with his own.” This personal philosophy of his further concretes my opinion that he is a true design visionary.


{MG Hotel—How amazing is all of the lighting? The architecture is stunning.}


{MG Hotel Lobby featuring more Fabulous, Original Lighting}


{A Guestroom at the MG Hotel—I love the antique-inspired doors flanking the loveseat.}


{Lázaro recently completed the design of the Hotel DO in Barcelona. I love the bleached wood and warm tan and tobacco colored leather.}


{A Chic Guestroom at the Hotel DO}


{Guestroom at the Hotel DO featuring Original Art by Lázaro Rosa Violán}


{Concept for the Lobby at Hotel M— I love the glass and steel doors as well as the mix of textures and colors.}


{The Nosh and Chow Restaurant in Stockholm is so striking. Of course, I love all of the lighting fixtures.}


{Gorgeous Nosh & Chow Restaurant}


{I love the blue tiles used on the walls outside of the kitchen.}


{I think it’s fantastic that Lázaro includes concepts for projects on his website. Not only are the renderings, like this one for a restaurant called Beppe beautiful, they make me anticipate what the final product will look like once the project is completed.}


{The design for Aristocrazy, a jewelry boutique is at once modern and glamorous.}


{How amazing are the orange and black doors at Aristocrazy? Very Veuve Clicquot inspired, no? So chic!}

IBERICA LONDON (Portland street)

{Stunning Hanging Pendants and Tilework at Iberica Restaurant in London}


{This project, Wharf in London, is currently in development, but from the looks of these renderings, it is going to be a knock-out.}




{Toto Restaurant in Barcelona feels at once very Catalán, but with a bit of British edge. It’s a difficult thing to put into words, but if you’ve been to Barcelona and London, you probably see exactly what I mean.}


{Club Tast in Palma de Mallorca has a very romantic, bohemian vibe.}


{Club Tast}

Which of these spaces is your favorite?

{Image Source: Lázaro Rosa Violán}


{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

I mean, like WHOA!!!!! This is beyond beautiful design work and very inspiring. What a treat you were able to meet him?!

Carol Maryott said...

The 2nd photo is my favorite-the light is just incredible! So many fabulous choices for the rest...
Thank you for postingthese amazing pictures.