Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In the Stacks

{My dear friend, Mark Sikes is an even bigger bibliophile than I am! He has stacks of beautiful books all around his house, including underneath the beautiful Chippendale console in his living room as featured in Lonny.}
I have a couple of addictions in life—magazine subscriptions and stacks of coffee table books mostly of the interior design, fashion, and travel variety. While I have several bookcases in my house along with a new built-in in my family room, and various other surfaces where I currently stack my books, I am constantly buying new ones and receiving them as gifts from thoughtful individuals who know how much I enjoy them. I grew up loving to read and looking forward to trips to the library. I always knew that I wanted my house to be filled with books on fascinating subjects, even when I was just a little girl. While I use books in my décor, I do not believe is using them solely for that purpose. Every book in my home is one that I love and have read. Having said all of that, I know that the day will come when I run out of real estate for my beloved books. My stacks are constantly growing taller as you’ll see when I share my house tour with you in the coming weeks. How tall is too tall? What does one do when there isn’t anymore space? I haven’t gotten to the point of stacking books on the floor yet, but the day may come at some point! Until then, I’ve rounded up some images of some stylish stacks.

{New York designer, Ryan Korban has stacks of books in his Manhattan apartment.}
{Ryan loves his stacks! Here is yet another stack of books, this time on a side chair, as featured on The Selby.}
{PaperCity editor and Claridge + King designer, Laurann Claridge’s chic Houston high-rise condo features this beautiful antique Biedermier chest, topped with a spectacular quartz lamp, Waylande Gregory bowl, a Louis Philippe Mirror, and of course, a stack of carefully selected books.}
{Hudson Interior Designs stacked books on this nickel bar cart.}
{Stacks of Books on Top of as well as Under a Table | Image via Cote de Texas}

{Although this is a library in a home, I love the way that these books are stacked on a large rectangular table. It reminds me of shopping in some of my favorite stores.}

{Stacks of Books Comingle with Decorative Objets in this Vignette from Domino}
{Miles Redd stacks the books in his bedroom on a chair as well as on a low-slung table across from his bed. | Image via Mark D. Sikes}

{Designer Carlos Miele’s Home features a gorgeous carved console with stacks of books underneath. Notice the spines are not facing the front. Do you have a preference when it comes to the placement of the spines of the books? I like for them to face forward. | Image via ELLE DÉCOR}
{It looks like the stack of books in this space functions as a martini table near the leather arm chair. Just make sure to have coasters handy! | Photo by Carolina Saunders}
{Stacks of Books on a Trunk used as a Night Stand}
{Another Bedside Stack}

{I don’t ever want my house to look like this! The key is for the stacks to be artfully arranged. Are you a fellow book hoarder? How do you store/display your books?}


Katelyn said...

I'm totally a collector of coffee table books too! I can't get enough of them, and love coming back to them all the time to re-read and look these pictures and this post!

Squeak said...

Oh, yeah, I'm a book hoarder! Most of my books are on design, gardens, flowers or cooking, or are biographies or novels. I have them in every room in the house, except for the bathrooms. There are books on my mantels, on the shelves of my cabinet of curiosities, on the dining room table, on various chairs throughout the house and on most end tables.

I've stacked about 300 books on the floor of my third bedroom, which I will eventually turn into an upstairs sitting room. They're in 7 nice neat columns, the highest of which is about 3 feet high. Some of the stacks have an object of some sort displayed on top (i.e. a piece of coral, a mineral under a dome, an antler or a small sculpture, etc.), while other stacks are bare. The books will eventually find a home on shelves when I find the perfect pair of bookcases. But, in the meantime, they look good stacked on the floor.

Ada (new york) said...

Mike Sikes' book collection under the Chippendale console look oooh sooo casually elegant. THANKS for the reminder to take a peek at LONNY's latest issue! Seeing design mags around my home makes me feel happy; I do have a bookcase in my current office that I haved filled (STUFFED) w/books + mags; but I also have a few "splash" piles of mags around the living room and foyer .... as a reminder to READ them ;)

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Ha! love the bottom pic-I'm sure that's what my husband thinks my books look like. I like to think they are artfully arranged like the other stunning pics you featured.

Carolina Saunders said...

Hi Paloma!
How are you?
The 10th photo down labeled as a real estate listing, is actually my photo.