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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Glamour Obsession: Chic Black Totes

{The always stylish Celine bag is a favorite of mine!  Seriously want to own this!}
Hi LDV Readers!  It's Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa and Valentine!  I'm just about 7 months pregnant now with my 2nd baby, and guess what?  I'm having a girl!!  I'm beyond thrilled to be having a girl, however, I've barely done anything to prepare for her arrival (I do have a name picked out, but that shall remain a secret)!  My 2nd pregnancy has been so different.  Since my son was born in 2010 I've been promoted twice at work and at times, life can be challenging trying to balance motherhood with managing a team.  It sure makes things exciting but also means I have to prioritize and keep myself even more organized.  So what better way to start than with a chic, stylish, functional, and totally practical classic black tote?
Here's what I've got my eye on these days....    
No one does a tote better than Celine, but the hefty price tag makes me want to fall over!  It is a classic, so why the heck not, I say!?
Ahhhhh Prada.....this one has me melting with it's supple leather and gold hardware.  I want this one badly, I just wish the handle was a little longer!
Gosh that looks great hanging on your arm!
This Tory Burch Robinson Tote is more my speed in terms of price!  I've always loved Tory's brand since I purchased my first pair of ballet flats with that iconic logo!  More and more, I adore her purses too, and I recently downloaded her free app to my ipad and I think you should too!  I love when a brand embraces technology and figures out a way to incorporate their message with their customer's lives.  It's beyond current in my opinion.  She blogs, has an app, is a business woman and working mom, girl after my own heart! 
...and finally I stumbled across this new Tory Burch style called the Edye Flap Satchel, but now it's totally sold out everywhere!!!  I love the style, it reminds me of the Celine bag at a lower price point, but just as stylish.  I also really love the long handle so it can be tossed over your shoulder, which for me, is essential.
Which one is your favorite??
See you next time and enjoy the Summer!
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Sara said...

Love them all! I, too, work in the corporate world, so stylish totes are my go-to. I have to have something that looks chic, but can also hold (and not crush) a file folder of paperwork. I bought a Tory Burch tote last fall and I love it, but the material is seasonal. For my next tote purchase, I will be getting black leather. Timeless and season-less! said...

The Prada tote is perfect! I have it and it comes with a longer detachable cross-body length strap inside.

It's the best bag ever!


andy said...

love prada and céline!


Anonymous said...

All about the Tory Eyde!!

preppylove said...

The Torys are gorgeous... I really love that last one! And I'm loving her app too! It's great!