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Monday, October 31, 2011

Currently Loving: Chic Convertibles

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I’m not a big car fanatic or anything, but lately, I have been smitten with the idea of a vintage Porsche or Mercedes convertible. There is something so chic about these particular body styles and the eras they hail from. While, I am not a convertible girl on a day to day basis, in fact, I have been eyeing the Audi Q7 SUV for some time now, I can definitely get behind the idea of slipping behind the wheel of one of these babies and cruising down the California coast with my hair wrapped in a beautiful scarf. A girl can dream! Could you see yourself driving one of these beauties?

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quote sinek

Happy Halloween, everyone!

{Image by Jen Huang}

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lady is a Tramp

I absolutely adore Tony Bennett, so I am very excited about his new Duets II CD which has so many great pairings with some amazing artists, including this sensational take on "The Lady is a Tramp" with Lady Gaga who absolutely nailed it! I can't help but smile while I watch this. Happy Friday!

Fabulous Room Friday 10.28.11

The November 2011 issue of ELLE DÉCOR is one of my favorites in recent memory. It is filled with grand, glamorous, colorful spaces including the living room pictured above. At only 1,300 square feet, the apartment of Claiborne Swanson Frank and her husband, James Frank isn’t enormous in size, but the chic style in which it is decorated makes it seem larger than life. I love the way in which they embraced color and pattern. In the living room alone, you have leopard, Greek key, ikat, and malachite. The airy space feels stylish and young with a polished twist. I have to say, Claiborne’s sense of style does not come as a surprise. I had the pleasure of meeting her mother, Elizabeth at the family’s Swanson Vineyards in Napa Valley last year. She is beautiful, kind, and slightly eccentric in the most fabulous way and it is clear that all of her beautiful daughters (Claiborne, Alexis, and Veronica) have inherited her panache and innate sense of style.

Have a fantastic weekend!


{Image Credit: Simon Watson for ELLE DÉCOR}

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glamour Obsession: American Glamour by Ralph Lauren

Hello Gorgeous!  I'm Vanessa Stern and I write a lifestyle blog called Vanessa & Valentine.  By day I work as a Creative Recruiter and in my free time I work on various design projects.  I spent the latter half of my 20s selling to the trade working at Janus et Cie and the David Sutherland Showroom in West Hollywood, before all my clients became reality stars!  I could write a book about all the craziness going on in the design industry, but shhh, I'm not saying a word!  So, to kick off my series "Glamour Obsession," I knew I had to go straight to the source of all-out American Glamour: Ralph Lauren.
Nothing takes my breath away more than the dramatic impact of black and gold.  I know this combo has been everywhere this past year, but I seriously haven't gotten tired of it yet.  My heart literally melted when I recently came across these images of RL's new Fall collection One Fifth.   
Caitlin McGauley, one of my favorite artists (and former RL textile designer), painted the portrait of the lady hanging on the bookshelf.  Love that!
This dining room has me wanting to lacquer every door, table and chair black!  What I love most about this palette is it's super easy to recreate at a much more affordable level without compromising any style or sophistication.
This deco inspired table top is to die for don't you think???  The cup and saucer is by far my favorite and the salad plates aren't bad either!  I really dig the graphic and bold patterns.
Everyone knows I love a good bottle and bucket on ice!  Served up on a gold tray...pass the champy please!!!
The fur and silk shams are a bit much and this bed is definitely too sexy for words (and I wouldn't imagine that comfy or plush to sleep in) but I had to include it to give you the whole visual effect.
I love this new take on the classic chevron.  Definitely a much more prissy version than the original, but the gold and black is killin' it!
See you next time as we continue exploring all things glamorous!
Images via Ralph Lauren Home

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautifully Organized: Hanging Earrings

Hello everyone! I'm Arianna of Arianna Belle. I'm so happy to be here today as a LDV contributor! I'll be writing posts focused around stylish organization.

Today I'm sharing with you a few ideas for storing drop earrings. When it comes to jewelry, most of us need to have our pieces out where we can see them, or else we tend to forget we have them and don't wear them. These options below allow you to not only organize your earrings, but also display them in a beautiful way. Afterall, some things are just too pretty to keep stashed away in a box or drawer and never see the light of day.


First up, jewelry stands. Many out there tend to be labeled as necklace holders, but they can be used for earrings too. Just make sure that you select one with an arm/bar that isn't too thick.

Another option is to hook earrings around the rims of decorative bowls and teacups. This is a perfect way to use china that might otherwise be collecting dust, or to add function to a flea market find.


For those with large collections, a great option is an acrylic screen like this one from the Container Store. It allows you to have all your earrings in one spot and see what you have at a glance.


Last but not least, an earring frame can be custom made to fit your needs. Leave more space between the wires for longer earrings, less for shorter ones. Read the DIY details here and here.

So what do you think? Would you use one of these ideas? How do you currently store your hanging earrings?

See you again soon!


{Image sources: 1- lobster and swan, 2- glitter guide, 3- bryn alexandra, 4- makeunder my life, 5- glitter guide, 6- real simple, 7-kevin and amanda}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream Home: Camille Styles


Camille Styles here, so excited to be stopping by La Dolce Vita to share a few snippets from my "dream home" with all of you today! Every once in a while, I spot an image of a room that's so perfect, so balanced, so me that I literally can't get it out of my head. So, when my husband and I started the journey of designing and building our own dream home 2 years ago, those images became my go-to source for inspiration on color palette, layout, materials and textures. Today's post is a little peek into my home workbook, and this foyer pictured above sets the perfect tone for how I want guests to feel as they enter my home. Serene, organic and a bit like they've suddenly escaped to a Mediterranean island...

Bedroom_CamilleStylesSince this is my dream home, we might as well explore it in the context of my dream day, don't you think? The morning begins in this perfectly airy bedroom with a heavenly canopy covered in swaths of white. I lounge in mounds of down with a cappuccino and stacks of magazines, easing into a new day.

Master_Bath_CamilleStyles Can you imagine a more perfect space in which to get ready? The grid of high contrast framed photography is so striking, and the geometric display keeps the look serene. A pedestal tub centered perfectly underneath a lavish chandelier adds major romance to the scene. Guest_Bedroom_CamilleStylesMy house guests must be treated to an equal level of luxury, and I don't think anyone would complain in this all-white and cream haven, grounded with dark floors and the most perfect cowhide rug. Kitchen_CamilleStylesI love how this kitchen mixes state-of-the-art appliances with vintage restaurant-style charm. Soapstone countertops and to-the-ceiling shelving are beautiful and functional. And oh, that fireplace!

Reading_Nook_CamilleStylesAfter brunch I'd retire to this zen-like reading nook for daydreaming, blogging and maybe a long chat over coffee with a girl friend. Can you tell that I'm a big fan of symmetry? 'Cause I am.

Terrace_Pool_CamilleStylesA girl's gotta get some sunshine, and I can't think of a better place for it than this elegant, European-style lap pool. The lines are clean and the landscaping's pristine. I could definitely spend an entire afternoon hanging out right here.

Living_Room_CamilleStylesMy living room strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and cozy. Yes, it's monochromatic, but the punches of espresso from the tray, pillows and armchairs keep everything really crisp. And my dream home would definitely have those mounds of callas on the coffee table, every single day. Talk about dreamy!

Outdoor_Dining_Camille_StylesThe day ends in this dining fresco, of course! The gravel terrace with oversized lanterns and solid farmhouse-style table is just the type of spot where I'd want to serve long family-style meals that last late into the night. Oh, and in case you're wondering: we did finally move into our house in April, and it really is my dream home. I still need to post about the entire space, but for now, here's a quick peek at my home office. Thanks so much for having me Paloma, and would love to hear what all of you think of my choices!

*images: coco+kelley, domino, atlanta homes mag, dress design decor, elle decor, architectural digest, restoration hardware.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Purple Reign

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{The Phene Lounge in London}

Purple has never been my favorite color. In fact, I’ve always been more attracted to pink. However, I couldn’t help but notice this feminine, regal color popping up everywhere over the past month. Most of the major shelter magazines ran stories with interiors dressed in varying shades of purple and lavender and it seems to be having a big moment in fashion as well. Are you drawn to purple? I think I usually shy away from it because it can seem a bit too cold and over the top girly sometimes, but this images have me singing a different tune. It seems purple can be completely chic and elegant.

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{The Corinthian Club in Glasgow}

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{Tony Duquette’s Stunning Dawnridge Estate in Beverly Hills}

{A Gorgeous Living Room in Varying Shades of Purple by Pat Healing of HB Home}

{This chic purple dining room is part of the same home designed by Pat Healing, featured on the cover of the October 2011 issue of House Beautiful.}

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{A Beautiful Pair of Chairs Covered in Quadrille Fabric}

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{Purple Velvet + Chic Leopard + Stunning!}

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{Gorgeous Purple Hydrangeas}

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{The Piece de Resistance: A Purple Hermes Birkin with Pink Accents}

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quote einstein


{Image Credit: Gray Malin}

Friday, October 21, 2011

Anatomy of a Home: The Foyer

Miles Redd
Greetings from my Semi-Designed Life! My name is Lauren and I work for Boxwood Interiors. I'm thrilled to be included as a part of the contributor team here on LDV. I plan on investigating the anatomy of a home and giving lessons of what it is in those rooms that define your house as your home. I hope you enjoy, and most of all, that you become inspired!
Let's start our journey with the foyer. The entryway is your home's first impression. Well, except for the facade of your house, but let's just pretend you walk up to homes blindfolded until the door opens. So, you walk into your friend's home (blindfold is removed at this point) and you immediately get a serious sensory overload. In just an instant you have an idea of what the rest of the home has in store for you. It's a home's first handshake, hug, and make out sesh. The last thing you would want is for it to be weak, cold and awkward (like Courtney and Matt from Most Eligible Dallas, anyone? anyone?).
Jonathan Berger
I love the impact of the vibrant pink walls. No doubt an expression of the owner's free spirit and/or obsession with Barbie. Nonetheless, if you walked into this foyer you would know that the owner didn't take themselves too seriously nor are they afraid to juxtapose their traditional antique taste with modern prints and colors.
Anatomy lesson #1: Pack a punch with a color you adore. You'll smile each time you walk through the door.
Jan Showers
Maybe you're a fancy soul and you want your foyer to scream, "I'm way more glamorous than you and I wear a ballgown whilst vacuuming." You should never feel guilty about adding luxury in your life. Touches of flowers and sparklies in your entry instantly brighten your day.
Anatomy lesson #2: Spoil yourself when it comes to little luxuries. Scent is important when you enter a home. Splurge on flowers and expensive candles when you can.
Ivy and Piper
Or maybe you're a playful lassie that appreciates graphic punches and an art collection to boot. Your accessories should speak to you. Yes, just like the huge spoon that talks to its owner in the Pier One commercial (totes creepy...).
Anatomy lesson #3: People don't have to live with your accessories. You do. Layer your walls, bookshelves and entry tables with things that tell stories about you and where you've been and what you love.
Live Like You
This is my favorite. Ever. I dream that this is what the entry of the house in Father of the Bride would look like if it was filmed today. Cozy, inviting, classic, modern. Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh.
Anatomy lesson #4: A little wallpaper, a dramatic light fixture and an inviting seating area can go a LONG way.
Miles Redd
Some people are really frightened of painting ceilings the same color as the walls. I, for one, think being completely enveloped by a saturated color feels like getting into just dried sheets in the middle of winter.
Anatomy lesson #5: Don't forget the ceiling. Just because it's up top, doesn't mean it doesn't need love too.
The Marion House Book
You don't live in a show house so stop trying to pretend you do.
Anatomy lesson #6: Leave your shoes out, stack your books, plop your jewelry down. It only makes your space all the more you!
Here's what I envision my dream entry (at the moment) looking like. What would you put in your foyer that would give you a hug (or make out sesh) each time you walked through the door? 

Fabulous Room Friday 10.21.11

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Today’s “Fabulous Room” is grand and glamorous, while maintaining a bit of restraint. Designed by Steven Gambrel, this massive New York apartment is grand in every way. As a matter of fact, this stylish dining/living room combination was once an enormous ballroom. The tall ceilings and windows add to the drama of the room. Gambrel has opted for a very muted palette of cool grey and purple hues, while peppering the space with a few dramatic pieces like the giant Sputnik chandeliers and amethyst table lamps. The result is completely dramatic and elegant.

{Textiles in Cool Hues Mingle with Dark Wood Finishes}

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Image Source: Cococozy}