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Friday, October 21, 2011

Anatomy of a Home: The Foyer

Miles Redd
Greetings from my Semi-Designed Life! My name is Lauren and I work for Boxwood Interiors. I'm thrilled to be included as a part of the contributor team here on LDV. I plan on investigating the anatomy of a home and giving lessons of what it is in those rooms that define your house as your home. I hope you enjoy, and most of all, that you become inspired!
Let's start our journey with the foyer. The entryway is your home's first impression. Well, except for the facade of your house, but let's just pretend you walk up to homes blindfolded until the door opens. So, you walk into your friend's home (blindfold is removed at this point) and you immediately get a serious sensory overload. In just an instant you have an idea of what the rest of the home has in store for you. It's a home's first handshake, hug, and make out sesh. The last thing you would want is for it to be weak, cold and awkward (like Courtney and Matt from Most Eligible Dallas, anyone? anyone?).
Jonathan Berger
I love the impact of the vibrant pink walls. No doubt an expression of the owner's free spirit and/or obsession with Barbie. Nonetheless, if you walked into this foyer you would know that the owner didn't take themselves too seriously nor are they afraid to juxtapose their traditional antique taste with modern prints and colors.
Anatomy lesson #1: Pack a punch with a color you adore. You'll smile each time you walk through the door.
Jan Showers
Maybe you're a fancy soul and you want your foyer to scream, "I'm way more glamorous than you and I wear a ballgown whilst vacuuming." You should never feel guilty about adding luxury in your life. Touches of flowers and sparklies in your entry instantly brighten your day.
Anatomy lesson #2: Spoil yourself when it comes to little luxuries. Scent is important when you enter a home. Splurge on flowers and expensive candles when you can.
Ivy and Piper
Or maybe you're a playful lassie that appreciates graphic punches and an art collection to boot. Your accessories should speak to you. Yes, just like the huge spoon that talks to its owner in the Pier One commercial (totes creepy...).
Anatomy lesson #3: People don't have to live with your accessories. You do. Layer your walls, bookshelves and entry tables with things that tell stories about you and where you've been and what you love.
Live Like You
This is my favorite. Ever. I dream that this is what the entry of the house in Father of the Bride would look like if it was filmed today. Cozy, inviting, classic, modern. Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh.
Anatomy lesson #4: A little wallpaper, a dramatic light fixture and an inviting seating area can go a LONG way.
Miles Redd
Some people are really frightened of painting ceilings the same color as the walls. I, for one, think being completely enveloped by a saturated color feels like getting into just dried sheets in the middle of winter.
Anatomy lesson #5: Don't forget the ceiling. Just because it's up top, doesn't mean it doesn't need love too.
The Marion House Book
You don't live in a show house so stop trying to pretend you do.
Anatomy lesson #6: Leave your shoes out, stack your books, plop your jewelry down. It only makes your space all the more you!
Here's what I envision my dream entry (at the moment) looking like. What would you put in your foyer that would give you a hug (or make out sesh) each time you walked through the door? 


Julie said...

I love the chevron stairs in the Ivy and Piper room... so fun. And the ceiling with blue accents in the Live like you... is unbelievable.

My House, My Garden said...

I just put 2 and 2 together that you are the Lauren from Boxwood that emailed me after I did the post about Rise Cupcakes!! I am excited to read your Anatomy of a Home series and loved your first one!! I need to come say hi and do a little shopping at Boxwood soon. Congratulations on such a great first post in this series and I will be looking for your next one. Vikki :)

Ada @ New York said...

Hi Lauren .. what a FUN post visually and literal. I confess, I don't always read posts instead I quickly get distracted by the pretty pictures, but ur def make me stop to read each section. Great anatomy!

Unknown said...

You are killing me softly with that top photo! We have a very narrow hallway that I have forced to be a "foyer" with the skinniest console table you'll ever see, a mirror, a lamp, and a tray for keys. It does the trick.
I'd love one of the pendant lamps above or a chair or ottoman of course!

Yari said...

Loving all the contributors post! My dream entry way would definitely have the feel and a small couch a la pic # 5, love how bright it is!

apartments for rent in chicago illinois said...

Love the way the house flows. Really lovely.

Regina at Fauxology said...

Every single one of these images has something wonderful - love them all! The foyer is an incredibly important factor in a home, def. I'm so glad you mentioned flowers and candles because that sense is just as visceral as the visual. Enjoyed the post!

Ashley Sater said...

I love your photos and your commentary! Thank you! Where is the lucite console from? Each time I click on it, it takes me to the Hunter Boots site!

Paula said...

Wonderful tips! What a great addition to the LDV contributor team!

Can't wait to read the next installment! For now, I'm going to analyze the anatomy of MY foyer!

xoxo, Paula