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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Room Friday 08.19.11

liz caan4

This week’s “Fab Room” is the gorgeous design studio belonging to the talented interior designer, Liz Caan whose work I previously blogged about a few months ago. While the space doesn’t technically count as just one room, it is just too fabulous to pass up. I was visiting Liz’s website to peruse her gorgeous portfolio yesterday when I was greeted with the amazing photo above. I seriously had a “I want to go to there” moment à la Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. I am a sucker for symmetry. I know some people like odd numbers and find asymmetry more interesting, but I like everything perfectly symmetrical and even, so this is right up my alley.

liz caan3

{Liz’s studio is so rich and is beautifully layered. The wallpaper adds dimension, interest, and color. The space is truly a testament to Liz’s brilliant accessorizing skills. I would like everything in this room, please!}

liz caan2

{The more functional areas of the studio are no less stylish, with chic, white cabinetry, shelving, and desks complemented by pastel accessories.}

liz caan

{A Bold Assortment of Pillows Adds Texture and Pattern to the Studio}

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Images via Liz Caan Interiors}


Luciane at said...

Wow! fabulous, indeed!!! I also love the pillows. You can feel the "energy"of this room, the colors are beautiful!

Have a great weekend!


Luciane at

alicia said...

I'd love to work in that bright + airy space!

Natalie said...

I love the lilac and the green together- we are doing that in our guest bedroom and I love finding inspiration for the room! Great post!

Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

I'm not usually a huge fan of lavender, but this space has me singing a different tune! It is GORGEOUS! I love the patterns throughout and the attention to detail... super fabulous, thanks for sharing!

Arianna Belle said...

That's one of my favorite quotes! "I want to go to there" LOL!

Beautiful studio -look like such a cheery place :)

Lili said...

love all the bright colors amidst the white backdrop!

Lily said...

So pretty !! Wish I worked there.


Karena said...

Adore the studio space and all of the great light! Pillows, ahhhh!


Art by Karena

the modern sybarite ™ said...

I know this is slightly random, but the first 2 images are exactly what I would have liked to encounter if I was A in Wonderland, falling through the rabbit hole and into the magical underworld!


Brilliant! Selection - Love that David Hicks wall paper - So retro, but classic at the same time.

L.A. in the bay said...

Oh my gosh this space is seriously amazing. Definitely saving this for inspiration. :)

Karlita said...

love it! can I order the coffee table, the wall lamps, the green lanterns and the art collection at the top of the gorgeous black door??!

Clara Turbay said...

It´s awesome!

check out my blog

Michela said...

I love this style and I hope one day to have a studio like this!

Erin Walsh Design said...

Great mix of patterns with the chevron, ikat, leopard & zebra! I wouldn't think it would all work - but it does beautifully!