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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Home: Julieann of CreateGirl

Today, the lovely Julieann of CreateGirl and Jace Interiors is sharing her beautiful, classic “Dream Home” with us. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Julie and she is one of the sweetest people in Blogland. Her “Dream Home” is just as lovely as imagined it would be. Enjoy!


When Paloma first asked me to contribute to the "Dream Home" series I thought, thank goodness finally a reason to stop designing for clients and start designing for myself! Well a funny thing happened, I came realize what my true style is. If you looked around my home today, you would see many bright colors and lots of pattern but once I reviewed the images I had collected for this series, I realized one common theme was the serenity of each space in a very pale palette. Well won't the fiance be surprised when I tell him we are changing the entire color scheme of our current house to live in the house of my...oppps our dreams! What I was really drawn to in each one of these photos were the details.

JanShowers Entryway
Gorgeous ironwork is by far my downfall. It is not something you see in everyday homes but in the glorious ones it takes center stage. A dramatic foyer and staircase would be the perfect welcome to my casual/elegant house!
This backsplash makes me want to take a sledgehammer to mine. The soft color and lines are so welcoming and take the spotlight. I am also a fan of kitchen tables tucked into a nook off the main room. See that one back there? So sweet!
Since it is my dream house I might just replace the windows in that nook with these window. The style is stunning but also casual at the same time.
Dining Room Pinterest
We would entertain often in this new house and a large dining room table is a must! Adding the built in storage and sideboard is convenient while still being visually interesting. A chilly girl like me would want to sit at the head of the table so her entire body would be warmed by that fireplace!
The family room would be much more casual and inviting. Full of accent pillows, throws and an easy put your feet up atmosphere! Again the addition of built in bookcases would be the perfect organization!
I have always dreamed of having a dark and cozy library. This image from Jan Showers has literally been on my memo board for years. I would spend hours in here reading the day away surrounded by all my favorite books!
Upstairs a dramatic hallway would welcome you. I have always liked the idea of all the bedrooms off one long hallway. Almost like you could see in each others space without leaving your room. The grasscloth and little shaded sconces are the perfect pathway to relaxation!
In the future we will be having little ones and this nursery with its subtle stripes is both grown up and childish at the same time. In other words I would not go mad while rocking a baby in here...if cartoon characters were involved well I am not sure I would be very relaxed!
Our bedroom would be an oasis away from life's work. The sitting area would be the perfect place to catch up on the day and the balcony would be my little slice of bliss in the morning hours!
After living in a tiny city apartment for 10 years where only one person could fit in my closet sized loo, this bathroom would convince me I was in heaven! At the moment I am drawn to large patterned wallpaper and the archway in this room would only add to the heightened drama!
To go along with the above bathroom I would need a dressing room of course and this one with it's wide windows and ample storage would just do the trick! The center table with its turned legs would be something I brought back from a faraway vacation! This room alone would surely having me jumping out of bed each morning. Now does a clothing expense come with this dream home?!
Frank RoopAttic
Now I come back to reality and escape to my attic room. A place where the sign on the door reads "only knock if the house is burning down", I joke! Seriously this is my little retreat, a room small enough to feel super cozy and a window seat large enough for me to relax. No electronics are allowed in this space just books and my daydreams!
LaundryRoom viaHouzz
Yes this is a dream house but after recently becoming engaged and moving into a house full of boys I realize how important a happy place to do laundry is. This room with it's wide counter, spacious drawers and beautiful windows would make the piles of clothes that much more manageable, don't you agree? Just like in real life the fiance would bring me home flowers and this is where I would arrange them!
Even though I now live in this home of my dreams, I would still be doing the work I love. This space would be separate from the main house and would be my little command center for Jace Interiors! Goodness knows I never have enough bookshelves...I wonder if this would be enough? It would be fun to find out!
Last but not least is my absolute favorite part of the house, entertaining in the backyard. This simple table and gorgeous view would have my friends flocking over for sunset drinks and I would be looking on with pure delight! Later we would retreat to these comfy sofas to have dessert and swap stories of our day!
Thanks so much Paloma for inviting me over today, it was truly an honor! Now I am off to convince the fiance of some simple (wink wink) changes we need to make to our current space! (images in order from: Jan Showers, Palmer Weiss, Dress Design Decor, Pinterest, Lauren Muse, Jan Showers,Pinterest, Pinterest, Jennifer Worts, RLH Studio,Nate Berkus,Frank Roop, Houzz, Diane Bergeron via Desire to Inspire, Sacramento Street, Pinterest)


Kelly Krugh said...

Love the library, hallway, and outdoor spaces! Such a fun series. :)

Luciane at said...

Oh, this one is a special one, isn't it?

The kitchen and the dining room took my breath away! The chairs of that dining room... so pretty! I love that color!

Great Post!

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at

Erika Ward said...

Dreams do come true Juliann. When this one realizes, I'm putting my rsvp in for your outdoor party and of course a chance to rock your baby in that gorgeous nursery!

Lovely post, Hun!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love julianne! great post

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

Love all of this. You have such great taste!

Laura Trevey said...

It would be so nice to have a lovely dressing room as that one - ahhh, to dream...


Unknown said...

Julieann's dream home is so elegant and refined but still the outdoor inspiration!

classiq said...

Oh my, what a dream house this would be! I'm loving every bit of it, from the bright and spacious kitchen to the intimate attic room and home-office. Beautiful! :) Ada

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

Love this! You included my favorite library:)


ruediger benedikt said...

really very spectacular spaces, these are the momentos that make me feel so gratefull to be an interior designer and see that other people share my taste and like the same things i do, very nice post!

Leslie said...

Ahh, such an amazing space!!


Pablo said...

That's incredible... I love every single photo, all the rooms are fabulous! =D That long hallway is specially great!

Creategirl said...

Thank you ladies for all the lovely comments! I am so glad you liked my "Dream House"!

stacy {FurniturelandS} said...

Julieann ~ I keep thinking "I could live in the closet alone..." and then I see the other photos and I want them too! Such beautiful spaces - each photo.

Verdigris Vie said...

You can design this one for me too! Love it Julie Ann. Every detail is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love everything!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Where is the coffee table and magazine rack from that's displayed in the library picture?

snuz26 said...

I love your home! Do you mind sharing the paint color of your laundry room? I am looking for that exact color and have spent hours scouring the internet and going through samples at store. Thanks!