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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Home: Bryn Alexandra

Today, Bryn, the lovely and talented blogger and interior designer will be letting us in on what her dream house would look like. I love so many of the rooms she’s chosen and there are even a few I had never seen before. Enjoy!

bryn alexandra

I am so excited to be a part of Paloma's Dream Home Series. I have been saving pictures of my "dream home" for years and years. It's been a challenge picking my favorites, but a lot of fun :)

When it comes to what I like in homes, it's definitely a mix of California and Southern. Right after college I moved to California and fell in love with the casual, sunny homes there. Then I moved to Charlotte and fell in love the Southern charm here. So my "dream home" is a good mix of the two.

My dream home has a modest front exterior. Nothing too grand or overwhelming:

However, I wouldn't mind if the back exterior was a bit more grand. I am in love with this backyard... especially the large windows and the beautiful garden (as long as I didn't have to take care of it.. I have a black thumb!)


I adore outdoor living areas. This one is perfect with the white floors, the furniture and the screens (a must if we're living in the South):


My husband loves to grill (and is very good at it), so it's a dream of ours to have an outdoor grill/kitchen area like this:


I also get cold very easily, so the fireplace would get used often.

The most important feature I look for in a home is sunlight. So naturally, my dream home would have tons and tons of windows. The front door would open to a bright, open foyer with dark hardwoods and a round table. I've always been drawn to this one:

I'd love to have a kitchen that looked just like this, but I'd make mine much more open and add a large island.

source: Katie Ridder

It would have a large wall of steel windows/door like this:

source: William Hefner

There would be a dark, moody dining room with super comfortable chairs so guests can lounge all evening long.

The "formal" living room would be neutral and elegant but still cozy. Any white furniture would be slipcovered so I wouldn't have a heart attack if any future kids spilled on it. I like neutral formal living rooms because during Christmastime they really let the tree and decorations steal the show (and I LOVE Christmastime).

source: Trad Home

The family room would be more colorful (but not too colorful.. I'm somewhat of a neutral nelly) with personal art and photographs on the wall. There would be a huge sectional where we could all lounge on and watch tv together as a family. This one from Lonny would fit the bill!

source: Lonny

From the viewpoint of the camera in this room, there would be a BIG flat screen TV to please my husband :)

We would also have a cozy den like this one, with walls upholstered in linen. It'd be a great retreat to go to after our future kids go to bed:

source: House Beautiful

I would love a master bedroom just like this, dark and personal:

Source: Lonny

And a cozy, personal master bath to match:

There would be a pretty, neutral and calming guest bedroom:

In this dream house, we'd have a couple kids running around. Here are some of my favorite kids' rooms:

Source: Lucy & Co

And my favorite kid's playroom:

Source: Kristen Panitch

A pink office for my interior decorating business:

Source: India Hicks

Thank you so much, Paloma, for letting me share my dream home!!


Luciane at said...

This "house" screams: Comfort! Just take off your shoes and relax...

I love it for its charm!

Have a wonderful day.


Luciane at

Order Maven said...

I am drooling over the front of the house and the backyard. I would totally LOVE this house. Pink Office!

Oksana from

ALR said...

Looks like a beautiful dream! I would be super happy with any of these inspiration rooms. I adore the pink office of India Hicks...sigh.

Amy R.

jen leitzell said...

Love Bryn's dream home. It is my favorite one featured so far!!

Arianna Belle said...

That backyard is incredible! And absolutely loving that dining room! Never seen it before -saving it to my inspiration file :)

Beautiful home Bryn!

theproperpoppy said...

Love all the rooms & the exterior is gorgeous. This has been my favorite collection of images in this series. Really connected to the whole look! Great job.

mollie bailey said...

This is my dream house! I love all these features, and Bryn's house matches all that I want, especially the master bath.

Chic Coles said...

The children's room with the blue and white window shade is my favorite!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Beautiful dream home, I can definitely see why Bryn chose all of the lovely inspirations she did. Her home would be very chic and sophisticated.

Unknown said...

I am so with Bryn on the large steel windows and unassuming exterior- she put together a gorgeous dream home!

Kelly Krugh said...

I love this series so much! Bryn's picks are lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing!

a' la mode said...

great choices, I mean hello, that backyard!!!! and, I'm biased, but who doesn't want a pink office? lol.
xoxo shelli

The Goods Design said...

Fantastic dream home - I'll take it! (when can I move in?!)

sweet william vintage said...

Wow~ LOVE all your choices! I think you picked beautiful, yet understated rooms... and it looks like {it would be} a wonderful place to feel cozy yet still inspired! Thanks for starting my day with some beautiful pics...

Kirsten Krason said...

Bryn seriously has the best taste. Of course her dream home is fantastic but her current "real-life" home is amazing too :)

Debbie said...

I love that kitchen, too! I was just dreaming the other day of some colorful tiles for my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

just curious if anyone knows who makes the slipcovered dining chairs??