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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering…

We’ve been featuring a “Meet the Editors” series on our High Gloss Happenings page for a few weeks now to give everyone a little more insight into who the High Gloss team is composed of, how we all came together, and the little things that make our hearts skip a beat. Hop over to the Happenings page to read a little about how High Gloss came to be, what I am most inspired by, and what I am currently obsessed with. While you’re there, you can read up on what makes the rest of the team tick as well.


alwaysgetLucky said...

I wanted to drop by and tell you what a great job you are doing.
I've been reading High Gloss, and no I am not done with it, but I am making my way through it. That's part of what I like about it...I keep wanting to look at it, I mean...great layout, super photographs, fantastic information..just all around good stuff.
I have been in the Fashion Industry for years and this IS fresh!!!
If there's an opportunity to connect other than in the open here, as I don't want to use this venue for publicity, I would appreciate it I believe I have something you should be interested in.
Hoping we connect,
Lucky Nahum

Melissa said...

High Gloss was much anticipated and did not disappoint!
I love, love, loved it!
Keep up the excellent work, I look forward to the next issue.

The Iconic Blog said...


Unknown said...

That table setting is amazing! Is that your design? or if not where can I find it? I'm inspired! :)

Wendy said...

loved it! off to check happenings now -

DrBabyMamaDrama said...

Adorable. I love reading about all the editors of High Gloss!

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

So nice to know more about you and really diggin' on your new design!

Katy said...

Love your blog!! Stunning layouts, beautiful posts, amazing colors - so inspiring! I am on your site all the time. I am getting ready to buy my first house so I am working on gathering some ideas together. Keep up the incredible work!

If you have a chance, please stop by my new site & follow :)


Jami - XOimagine said...

Nice Paloma! Very proud of you! I haven't told you yet, but I LOVED High Gloss! Beautiful from cover to last page! Keep up the great work!

xo - jami
i m a g i n e

diana shae decor said...

Cute! I'm so excited I recently found your blog! I now have to check it daily - it's awesome!

Ps- is that a mini doodle?! ;)

diana @ diana shae decor