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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fabulous Room Friday 07.02.10

Hi Everyone! I'm Crystal from Plush Palate and it's a pleasure to meet you if we haven't already met! I'm thrilled to be here not only because I adore Paloma and LDV, but because the place I've scouted for today's 'Fabulous Room Friday' seems to be riddled with signs and coincidences! Read on and I'll explain... 

Picture 1_Gary Spain[1]

First of all let me introduce you to, or if you're already familiar, reacquaint you with the the work of San Francisco based interior designer and stylist, Gary Spain. I'm a big fan of his for the way he brings unexpected twists of whimsy and a sense of humor to traditional spaces. For example, I love the way he's paired a formal antique sofa with playful decor like that oversized ball of yarn. Then, classic pieces like the bust, which normally reads as serious and stuffy, is instead used for a sense of humor and placed by a contemporary drapery pattern. As for coincidence #1? The irony of the designer's last name being 'Spain', as Paloma is off in Barcelona celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with her hubby!

Picture 2_Gary Spain[1]

A more detailed shot of the sofa reinforces Gary's eye for masterful juxtapositions. The white of the upholstery, tulip table, and ceramic vases is the common thread that ties the various styles and eras into a harmonious composition. Balance and proportion at it's best! As for coincidences #2 and #3? Do you see that darling little pillow that says "Rue 420?" Well, my birthday just happens to be April 20th (4/20) and for the real kicker....on Tuesday I made a big announcement on my blog about a new endeavor of mine....check out Rue Magazine!

Gary Spain, I think this room was destined to be mine! xo, Crystal


Earlier this week, Crystal shared some very exciting news with her readers. She is launching a new online magazine called Rue! I am elated for my sweet friend and know that the debut issue will be spectacular. She has poured her heart and soul into it and if her blog is any indication, the magazine is sure to be fabulous. Congratulations, Crystal!

Every Good Wish,



Karen said...

The large scale art in the room caught my eye immediately. Glad you talked me through the rest. I couldn't take my eyes off the art long enough to notice the other details.

I'm so thrilled that interior design has evolved since the days of everything matching, styles, wood tones, fabrics, etc... This eclectic look is so much more interesting.

Marija said...

A room filled with personality ... love it! And yay Crystal! The signs were all there for you!!

Carpe Diem said...

Great call. I had not heard of Gary Spain, so thank you for sharing. The use of the over sized painting works perfectly in this room (this painting looks familiar but the artist's name eludes me...or, is this a rendition?)

Congrats on the magazine...I can't wait.

Marcus Design said...

I had heard about Rue's September debut, I am very excited!! Congrats on such a fab venture, I wish you much success.