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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amanda Nisbet: She's No Wallflower

Geometric shapes meet bold patterns and bright colors in this lovely living room.

New York Interior Designer, Amanda Nisbet sure knows how to make a statement. Known for her use of bold patterns and vivid colors, her designs are not for the faint of heart. Don't call on Amanda if you want to blend in with everyone else. Amanda's designs are distinctive and fun. It's evident that she doesn't take herself too seriously and her sense of humor is reflected in her work. I love that a certain joie de vivre is present in each room Amanda designs.

Although Amanda is based out of Manhattan, she has designed projects throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe. "Untethered by design rules, Amanda brings a fresh, energetic approach to a traditional sense of luxury. Colour, texture, and form blend to create her trademark comfortable elegance. Her work seamlessly balances function and style, Classicism and Modernism, in surprising ways." Her work has been featured in such publications as Elle Décor, House and Garden, House Beautiful, Town and Country, O at Home, Traditional Home, and The New York Times.

Amanda enjoys Starbucks in a gilded dining room of her design.

A lime and chocolate bedroom featuring gorgeous bedding and a show-stopping chandelier

A cool living room dressed in soothing shades of green

Citrus colors and garden sculptures add an unexpected punch to this otherwise very formal room.

Neutral fabrics mimicking burlap join unique shapes in this living room which is tame by Nisbet standards.

Beautiful, horizontal striped wallpaper and a chubby gourd lamp provide a warm welcome in this foyer.

A sunny breakfast room in which a traditional table mingles with modern lucite chairs

I love the colors in this casual, yet elegant room.

I love this grey baroque wallpaper. If the wallpaper alone wasn't bold enough for you, Nisbet made sure to add a lime green shower curtain and a framed print that seems to be an ode to Salvador Dalí.

Ornate chairs, gilded lighting fixtures, citrine walls...What else could you ask for?

If this is not the girliest room I've ever seen, I don't know what is. This would be so lovely in a little boutique.

Amanda mixes colors, patterns, and textures so nicely in this very Domino-esque bedroom.

I heart the Greek key drapes in this room.

Lovely Lilac: Masculine / Feminine, Modern / Traditional, Yin/Yang

This outdoor vignette makes me long for a summer day on the coast of Maine.

All images via Amanda Nisbet Design


Material Girls said...

I heart the striped foyer- so fun

Lauren said...

OMG, great pictures!!! She is def. one of my faves!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Beautiful. I love it all. Especially the pops of purple everywhere.

Diva Style said...

Very lovely snapshots of her work!

avidHOME said...

Love, love the horizontal stripes! I've been trying to get a client to do that to no avail as most of mine are pretty traditional here in Dallas. One day...!

Fifi Flowers said...

She is a lovely designer... I adore every room!

My Notting Hill said...

I'm a big fan of hers - great post.

Anonymous said...

Love the disco ball chandelier. I would never have thought to put that in a bedroom.

Great post, as always.


jenniferjane said...

oh, I love all of these rooms and heart the greek key drapes as well!

Ana said...

Wow...her lighting choices are particularly lovely. That bedroom chandelier is outstanding.