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Monday, June 2, 2008

Carrie's New Crib

CasaSugar featured the following article about the set design for the Sex and the City Movie. I think what they did with Carrie's place was fantastic. I know that all of the sets were destroyed when the series ended in 2004. It was cool to see how closely they were able to recreate the spaces. It was so fun watching the movie (for the second time) with my husband on Saturday since he did all of the Visual Comfort and Circa Lighting that was featured in the movie. So, yes, my hubby touched virtually all of the lighting in Charlotte's apartment, the sconces in Big and Carrie's penthouse, Big's floor lamp, etc. And P.S., I loved Big's apartment. I thought it was so gorgeous that I wondered why they would go on and look for a different place. But alas, they needed a place where they could build a future together.

CasaSugar Article:

I was recently lucky enough to chat with Sex and the City production designer Jeremy Conway. While many of my Sugar friends were wowed by the clothing in the movie, I was blown away by the sets. I was particularly excited about Carrie's apartment makeover.

My eye was definitely attracted to the bright blue shade on the walls of Carrie's apartment. Jeremy told me that he custom mixes all of his colors, but the brilliant, lovely ocean blue on Carrie's walls is very close to Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue. Concerning the dramatic change in Carrie's apartment, which was previously dressed in subdued, natural tones, and flea-market chic, Conway said, "Carrie had really grown up, but she wasn't living that life in her apartment yet." The challenge in the redecorating was designing an apartment that seemed like it could be a little more organized, lived in, and put together. One important change was to fit a dining table into the house, "so it could be a place that she and Big could have dinner together."

Conway said that redecorating the iconic apartment of Carrie Bradshaw definitely made him a bit nervous. "[Writer and director] Michael Patrick King didn't see the apartment until the day before shooting started. He came into the living room and said nothing, and I thought, 'Oh no,' and then he started to tear up, and again, I thought 'Oh no,' and then Michael said that it was fantastic."

The surprising source? The Rug Company! In particular, my eye was attracted to a gorgeous piece of art in Carrie's redecorated entry. I asked Jeremy if it had been commissioned or painted by a local artist. No — that as well was from The Rug Company! The lovely damask-patterned rug in the picture below? Also from The Rug Company.

Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema via CasaSugar


Things That Inspire said...

Great post! Believe it or not, I have not seen the movie yet...I hate seeing movies on opening weekend when the theaters are really crowded. I have a sitter coming tomorrow, and I plan to see it then...I can't wait.

I have seen some images of an apartment that Carrie and Big were looking at - the one with all of the beautiful windows with light streaming in....

I ♥ You said...

that blue color is going in my new house. no question about it! i have always loved blue and that is the best paint color i have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out whether it was your husband or CasaSugar's that did the lighting because I would love to know the name/designer of the white lamps in Carrie's apartment.

La Bonne Vie - The House of Brodt said...

Loved that room and the entire color palette, so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Can someone tell me where Samantha's zebra print sheets in her LA apartment are from? I've been looking for them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I would like to find out the brand of lilly's bedroom in the SATC movie. Would you be able to help me?


Unknown said...

Hi Ann,

Could you be a little more specific? The brand of what in her bedroom? I will try to help! :)


Anonymous said...

I am trying to find the tree photos in Big's apartment...can anyone help?!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where the lamps and table by the bed was purchased in Carrie's room makeover.