Sunday, May 25, 2008

HAR Candy

I saw this house on HAR about a month ago and finally decided to post about it since I kept going back to look at the listing. It is on the shore of Lake Woodlands, in The Woodlands, which is arguably the nicest suburb in Houston. It is probably the most affluent of the suburbs and has the most amenities. It is just really far from Houston.

I really like the house because it is unique, especially for a suburban home. From the outside, it looks like a grand New Orleans house and it has a great combination of period details with a modern twist on the inside. Though not very "me", I do like the serene color palette. You can see the MLS listing for the house here.


Sheri said...

Wow! Not my personal style, but I would not complain if someone wanted to give me that house. :D

Daniel and I were just up in the Woodlands to see The Police last week. We just love the area. I am so impressed with all of the planning they have put into the community. I would really love to see that kind of thing happen around us eventually. And you are so right, it is too far from Houston to live out that way. I can handle a 20min commute into the city from here.

mamacita said...

I've got $10 that says it's never been lived in at all.

Agree with you about The Woodlands. I worked at an art camp up there for the last two summers. One thing I really noticed was how much cooler -- I mean temperature-wise -- The Woodlands is vs. the city. All the trees really do help.

But it took me 45 minutes to get there (from the Heights), and that was driving against traffic.

Things That Inspire said...

Pretty house! I really like all of the lanterns. But, it looks SO it has been staged within an inch of its life.

Unknown said...

TTI - I totally agree about it looking soul-less. I posted the house because I found it architecturally interesting. I think it has really great bones, but despite the fact that the colors are warm, it feels cold. Does that make sense? I would love to see what a designer with a vision could do with it.

Did anyone else notice the bizarre picture hanging in the dining room?

Lara said...

Paloma, I noticed the picture too. It looks so out of place. I like how the house all flows together but it does seem soul-less. The exterior is just gorgeous though!