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Saturday, January 13, 2007

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Thank you,
Paloma Contreras
Founder & Editor of La Dolce Vita


Domestic Engineer said...

I have long been an admirer of your blog. I too live in Houston. I moved to a new home in Katy and am looking for someone to help me with picking out colors and a few accessories for my home, mainly my living room/kitchen area. I don't believe you perform this service, but do you know someone who does? I love Ballard designs and am trying for that kind of feel to my home. Thank you for your help. Margaret Daniel


Must I say that I am absolutely and truly in love and obsessed with your blog! I discovered this treasure last night and have spent 5 hours going through 2 years of blog posts. I love the quotes and how cute they are! You have an amazing eye for what you do! I just thought you should know how in love I am with this project!!!!!

-Aubree Michelle Andersen

Sara Jidal said...


i'm French and student in medicine school.
So i live in a small apartment. I absolutely love your blog and try to get some ideas to get my apartment which is more a space of study comfy. But i've just seen u talking about big room.
Can you please make a post on "how to decorate my small place" please ?

Sara Jidal

Summerland Style said...

Hi Paloma -- I just found you through Kelley Moore's blog. I'm from the Seattle area. One of the first things I always do when I discover a new blog is to read the "about me" section. How great was it to discover that your pup and my older son have the same name?? Love the name Tate! My Tate is 8, super tiny and will jump off ANYTHING -- the higher the better.

All the best to you Paloma. I look forward to High Gloss in January.

Nia Sayers

L said...

Hi Paloma!
I just finished reading your premier issue of High Gloss and I really enjoyed it! Great features & products but I especially loved Putting on the Ritz, Rise to the Top, and La Vie en Rose...those interiors were fantastic!!..Great work the whole team has done, congratulations on the premier issue and much continued success!

p.s. The name High Gloss is superb. Looove it :-)

Melissa said...

Hi Paloma!

I'm a big fan of your blog, I read it everyday! It's so inspiring to see how far you've come. I just wanted to send you a quick message to show you the link to my blog where I've listed High Gloss as one of my top online publications! It really is fantastic, working in magazines myself I have such an appreciation for beautiful photography + personally love interior design. You've married the two in my eyes!

Best of luck!

Here is the link to the post:


Anonymous said...

Hi Paloma, Thanks for showing my Ikat range on your beautiful blog! What a compliment. I wish we had a distributor in the States so you could just go and buy it, but maybe we can work something out. My Export Manager, Gary will send you some info soon. Thanks again,
Anna Chandler, Perth, Australia.

Olivia said...

Hi Paloma- I have recently discovered your blog and all of the work you have done and I truly think an occupation like yours is what I want to do with my life! Although I am only about to graduate high school and have so much time to figure out what I want to do, I think I would love to do what you do. Did you know you wanted to do something like this or was it a complete surprise? I know your busy but if you have time for a few suggestions for an aspiring interior designer, I'd love it! My email is Keep up the awesome work! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

Richard Barton said...

Very good taste in design and color enjoyed viewing and wish you all the best in your endevors.

best wishes,


Anonymous said...

The fact that I'm leaving a comment is very spacial to me since it is going to be my first comment ever.

A friend of mine (an interior designer student like myself) shared this blog with me a couple months ago. Ever since you've been my favorite. I admire you style. It is so chic! Every morning I start with checking out email from La Dolce Vita and getting ready for another lovely day in NYC :)

Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiring me in so many ways!


taccat said...

Wondered where I can find the ebony mirrored armoire you dhow in one of your photos... LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you purchased the world map you have in your child's playroom?

Soni Friedman said...

So I have long been a daily reader of your blog...A very belated thank you for starting each morning off w/ inspiration and joy! Finally, I have an opportunity to give a little something back...Those brass and lucite bar stools you were asking if anyone knew about the other day? I actually have a pair and they are vintage Karl Springer. I recovered mine in blue (Ocean) Romo Ziggurat fabric and I must say, they are pretty darn GROOVY!!! Again, thank you so much for spreading your magic to all us lucky readers! :)

-Soni Friedman
Manhhattan Beach, CA

kathleen said...

Hi Paloma! I found your blog via pinterest. I spent half my day yesterday devouring post after post! It's such a fun blog!!!!!!!
I came across this post:

I fell in love with the gray paints in your friend's house. Any chance you know the colors she used?! I'm in the process of getting the wallpaper off my dining room and living room and would love to use those lovely grays. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying LDV! Unfortunately, I don't know the paint color she used in her home, but your best bet would be to contact her directly through her blog.