Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jeffrey Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home

This fall is turning out to be a great season for all of the design bibliophiles out there! So many fabulous design titles are being released over the next couple of months and Jeffrey Alan Marks' first book, The Meaning of Home (published by Rizzoli) is at the top of my list. I love Jeffrey's chic, polished take on effortless California style. His work veers more towards clean and masculine, but he always includes a touch of glamour, which of course, I absolutely love. The various projects featured in the book run the gamut in terms of style ranging from "Breezy, Tailored, and Steady to Brave and At Ease" and while each project is reflective of the individual client's tastes and needs, every space has a definitive "JAM" vibe. The Meaning of Home is filled with stunning images of Jeffrey Alan Marks' most recent projects and personal anecdotes on just exactly what it means to be home. 

{Tavern Restaurant in Los Angeles' Brentwood Neighborhood}

{A Beautiful Kitchen in Malibu}

{Jeffrey's Chic Bathroom}

{I love the monogrammed settee in Jeffrey's bathroom.}

{I love the deep, saturated shades of blue and green in this Pacific Palisades dining room. You can see a full tour of this gorgeous home here.}

{This Pacific Palisades study features so many chic details from the furniture to the grasscloth-covered vaulted ceiling.}

{A Stylish Nook in a Nantucket Home}

{How fabulous is the Goyard umbrella stand in this San Francisco home?}

{This Austin home is a bit of a departure from Jeffrey's other work, but it is just as stylish and shows his versatility.}

{Eclectic Living Room in Austin}


Lili said...

Thanks for the review Paloma! This book is also at the top of my list, but after reading your post it jumped to my shopping cart!! :)
I love your blog, also one at the top of my list every morning.

Tricia | 724SouthHouse said...

He is such a great designer. I may have to add his book to my Xmas list :)

Arpi Nalbandian said...

Love the tile floor in the entry! Such a great color combined with a Moorish/Arabesque shape.

Amanda said...

His work is beautiful, laid back, yet sophisticated and always functional. Love the deep blues and greens! Amazing stuff.