Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

plum pretty sugar {Image via Martha Stewart}

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are enjoying time with loved ones along with a delicious meal today. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how profoundly grateful I am for your readership and support throughout the past six and a half years. You all have inspired me beyond measure and have given me the strength, courage, and encouragement to spread my wings and take on new challenges and have given me an outlet that feeds me so much creatively. I know how busy everyone is these days, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit La Dolce Vita each day.

grey likes weddings {Image via Grey Likes Weddings}

This year, as every year for the past thirteen years that I've known my husband, Fabian, I am extremely grateful to him for being my rock and constant supporter. He has encouraged me and cheered me on through every adventure, always by my side to guide me and make me feel loved. He truly is my best friend. I am also tremendously grateful for my sweet dog, Tate. He has shown me unconditional love and has taught me to be a total animal lover. I'd never known how special a bond with a pet could be until Tate joined our family. This year, I am especially grateful that his health is on the mend. As many of you know, Tate had an injury at the end of October and we went through some scary moments of uncertainty, but he is recovering really well and it looks like he will be just fine, with a few lifestyle modifications—ie. no more jumping on the furniture. A huge thanks to all of you who kept Tate in your thoughts and prayers!  I am also quite grateful for our wonderful family—especially the little ones, my niece and nephew whose innocence and fun-loving personalities are refreshing and endearing.

DOMINO{Image via Domino}

I am incredibly thankful to be able to get up each day and spend it doing what I love. Delving into interior design full time this year has had its challenges, but it has been so rewarding. I am so lucky to have some amazing clients and to get to create beautiful homes for them. I know that I am doing what I am meant to be doing—decorating and blogging! I am especially grateful to some amazing friends who have helped and mentored me along the way—Mark S., Lauren H., Meg L., Ashley G., and Betty N.—you are the best! You are all so kind and have such generous spirits. I've learned so much from each of you and cherish our friendships.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving filled with love, fun, and lots of good food!



Karena said...

Dear Paloma,
Thank you for the inspiration you bring us throughout the year!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

The Arts by Karena

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving love! XoXo

Unknown said...

Love the table accessories :) Great conversation pieces.

Maggie A