Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wishful Packing

{ I love this cute ruffled jacket from J.Crew.}

We're leaving for London in ten days and I have to admit that I am feeling a little overwhelmed about it. I feel like I have known more about most of the destinations I have traveled to in the past than I do about London. Plus, everyone says it is so huge! At the end of the day though, I attribute these stressors to my OCD nature and the fact that it is in my nature to try to plan everything down to the last minute. However, I am going to do my best to just relax and play it by ear when it comes to our itinerary.

{Schoolboy blazers seem rather appropriate for London.}

Having said that, there is one area that I cannot stop stressing about: fashion! I am feeling a little anxious about packing for a climate that seems completely foreign to me right now considering the fact that it has been scorching hot in Houston for the past five months! The high temperatures should be around sixty with lows in the mid to high forties while we are in London. I want to be comfortable since we will be out sightseeing all day everyday, but I'd like to at least look a little stylish since I've heard London is filled to the brim with fashion mavens. I wish that I could hit up J.Crew and Anthropologie and scoop up all of these looks for our trip since they fit the comfy but stylish bill.However, that won't be happening. A girl can dream, right? Any tips on what to pack for a week in London?

I love the oversized lapels and fit of this coat.

Again, I love this schoolboy look. The coat is so fun!

This outfit is a hot mess in my opinion. It's not really my style, but I do love the blazer.

I love the rust color and ruffle detail on this jacket.

I am craving a nice whiskey colored leather jacket like this one from Anthropologie for Fall.
Can you tell I love a good ruffle? This Anthro jacket is so gorgeous!

I love the Victorian feel and think it would be very appropriate for London.

I love the pretty yellow color of this cozy sweater from Anthropologie. Does anyone else have an aversion to wool? I can't stand to wear it and I feel like 9 out of 10 cute sweaters always have wool in them.

I normally wear pants or dresses more often than skirts, but I love this J.Crew outfit. It would be nice for an evening out.

This would be a great dress option for a chilly night in London.

Another Nice Dress Option from J.Crew


Danielle said...

jcrew just kills me. its all so gorgeous. and so jeal of your trip!!! i just LOVE london!

ALL THE BEST said...

So true! It was crazy being in Houston all summer and coming back to the UK. For packing, be sure to have a brollie for the rain. Jeans are always in fashion (and comfortable). Jackets and leggings are still very popular (think Kate Moss and Topshop).

Lots of layering, but at the end of the day, be comfortable. You will see it ALL!


ps - are you meeting with Mr & Mrs Smith?

Elle said...

You'll definitely need an umbrella!I think all of these blazers and jackets would look fabulous paired with skinny jeans and comfortable boots for walking around the city. I just bought a pair of Frye Jane Boots and they are great! Also, think about a trench coat and of course a camera for capturing memories :) Have a wonderful trip!

sarah said...

Layers. Pack lots of layers.

Yansy said...

A raincoat is a must! Last time I was there I had my trustee Burberry Trench coat and my Wellies. I had to wear them almost every day. I say take pieces that will transition from day to evening since you will feel the temperatures drop. Blazers and jeans were my uniforms during my time there. I hope you have a blast and make sure to take the classy LBD for a night on the town.

LifestyleBohemia said...

You need that J. Crew ruffle jacket for your trip to London ;)

Lynett said...

All amazing outfits! How exciting-only 10 days to go! I would be anxious about packing for London so- especially since the City is so fashion forward! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

Suzanne said...

The last time I traveled I went to Cartagena, colombia for three weeks and took two pairs of shoes, two of everything and I shoped during the middays, when the sun was so hot you had to be indoors.
since your heading to london, you should shop while is raining!
btw this hotel in cartagena is amazing and has the colonial look you love:
goodluck in london

Jennifer said...

there are some cute blazers at the GAP right now, including a menswear-inspired one and a tweed in black or brown. I didn't try any of them on -- was in a hurry -- but they looked cute enough on the hanger and the prices sure beat J.Crew!

bandelle said...

You'll look beautiful and stylish no matter what you wear, Paloma. But I feel like a blazer with dark denim jeans could be dressed up or down. Bring some fun layers to wear underneath so it feels like you have multiple options (figured you're bringing a small suitcase?). And of course you can always accessorize!

Hope you and Fabian have a wonderful time.


Miss E said...

London is one of my absolutely favorite cities...you'll have a ball there! So much to do, see, such fashion and the accents are awesome! I love all your outfit picks...perfect for the cool English nights! Have fun, friend!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

That black ruffle jacket from Anthro is buh-nanas (as Rachel would say)!!! Have a lovely trip, Paloma!

DrBabyMamaDrama said...

I feel the exact same way about wool too. Unless it is lined really well or is super soft, I have trouble wearing it. Have fun. I love London!

Hopeless Chest said...

Jealous!! Have a safe trip.

You have me jonesing for a shopping trip. Just me and my credit card at J. Crew & Anthropologie. It is a very good thing both stores are at least an hour and a half's drive away from me. *sigh*

Jacquelyn said...

If I could have nothing but JCrew and Anthro in my closet I would be ecstatic.
Have fun in London!

Amanda said...

Hi there! I just saw your blog featured in Better Homes & Gardens. But, what is ironic/hilarious is that your post is all about Anthro/J.Crew... which I just did two posts about. Glad to see I'm not the only one dying over some of their fabulous new fall wares- especially those ruffle blazers!

A New England Girl said...

I lack any advice in the fashion department, but I will say this: PLEASE make a trip to Primrose Hill while in London. It is right past Regents Park via the Camden stop of the tube. It is the cutest little village and has the most adorable "main street" -- it feels like a different world. And it is so sweetly nestled! Plus, the architecture, shops and little cafes are to die for. Also, Camden is an amazing little section of the city. Their outdoor markets, right on the canal, had a big fire a few years back, but I am pretty sure they are up and running again. You can find so many unique and vintage items there. Plus, there are SO many food options. Definitely worth a stop. :)

You're going to have a fab time! London is huge, but you'll manage just fine! :)

###### said...

great looks..i love them all.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Have a great trip. What a wonderful time of year to go to London.

cotedetexas said...

you'll look beautiful no matter what - you always so.

Anonymous said...

My favourite shopping spots:
Jasper Conran, General Trading Company, Designers Guild. The Fulham Road has quite a few interesting interior boutiques. Also check out Harvey Nichols for fun fashion designers. On the basement, there is a lovely noodle place. Liberty is almost another landmark! Have fun in London :)

ps. I'd definitely bring a brolly if I was you!

Anonymous said...

Can some of your packing plans include taking me?

Jessica Ferron said...

London is big, yes, but not like Paris! At least everything is smashed into one place so regardless of where you are, you're likely to run into 5 fun things along the way!
As for fashion, most people I know living there have a 'street chic' look to their everyday wear: skinnies, flats or boots, lots of layers for both jewelry and clothes, and scarves. Also, a mini umbrella is a must to stick in your purse!

the good life said...

I would pack a trench coat and definetly flats.

Abby said...

Thin layers, thin layers, thin layers...my packing mantra. That yellow sweater would be absolutely perfect for London.

I also use travel as a time to mix patterns and pieces that I might not think of in combination for my daily life at home. Take the pieces that you love most, and you'll make it work.

Emily said...

You are going to LOVE London. I studied abroad there and had the best time of my life. It's by far my favorite city. Enjoy!

AnnieV said...

4:26 ag/25
cartagiena is beautiful!!!

and jewelry said...

j. crew and anthropologie... my two shopping weaknesses! totally in love with that leather jacket! *le sigh*

Jen said...

Oh, I feel the same way about wool, and I'm glad I'm not the only fashion-conscious girl with that problem! It is mission impossible to find cute, well-fitting, machine-washable cotton sweaters!

Anyway... packing for London... I've never been, so of course I'm jealous, but if I were going... I would bring... a pair of well-fitting dark wash jeans... a blazer... a neutral color cotton cardigan... some wrinkle resistent button-downs... a couple short-sleeve T's... a dress to wear during the day (with tights if it's chilly)... a couple pairs of dress trousers for evening and an evening dress... a pair of khakis... and then some fabulous accessories like scarves, some jewels and maybe a hat or two.

Good luck!

Lovely Little Nest said...

I am currently OBSESSED with all things J.Crew. They recently had a warehouse sale (we have an outlet in our town) and it was amazing!! Peacoats for $50, sweaters for $10 - incredible! Love your pics :)

caitlinrroberts@gmail.com said...

I just came back from London in July. Everyone there seems to wear skinny jeans or leggings with flats. I am very OCD about packing-you want to be comfortable, not stand out as the "rude American" and you want to bring home some good pics. I decided to go to Borders bookstore and get a Glamour UK to inspire me. Maybe a good idea for you too.

Be sure to try some of the Indian food while there- tikka masala is big in the UK.

Have a super fun time!

Averill said...

Have a wonderful time! Dave and I just got back from London in July and it's fabulous -- definitely hit up the Boxwood Cafe and the adjoining Blue Bar (both are in the Berkeley Hotel). As for sites, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the Victoria and Albert are not to be missed for first-timers!

As for dressing, bring for all seasons. The morning will start sunny and hot and by early afternoon it'll be rainy and chilly. Don't forget the umbrella! :)