Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rodney Smith Photography

Rodney Smith takes some of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. His use of color, light, and playful approach make for some very memorable images. A true photographer's photographer, Smith turned down invitations to speak Columbia University, Goethe University, The University of Mexico, University of Madrid, and Harvard University after the publication of his book, The Land of Light. Instead, he opted to search for indelible images to photograph through the flea markets of Paris, on train rides across India, and in the deep south. Below, I am including my favorite photographs by Rodney Smith. Which one resonates with you the most?

Smith's new book, The End is available now.

This photograph, taken by Smith for New York Magazine is my absolute favorite.

Images via Rodney Smith


Sweet Nothings said...

The first and the last pics are my absolute favorites

The Cherry Blog said...

Oh my god these are stunning!! I love it when bloggers feature talent that I have never heard of, thank you so much for sharing - they truly are divine! xx

Anonymous said...

Love it all! That girl in the black hat with the hedges on either side of her is stunning. And the taxi kiss is a classic! I'm so putting each and every one in my inspiration files!

Colour Me Happy said...

He must be the photographer for Barbara Barry. I was sure I've seen a similar photo of the woman standing on the ladder pouring tea in an add for Barry. His work is wonderful!