Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fresh Perspective: An Enlightening Home

The fireplace in the chic study

Last July, I did a post on the home of Andy Singer, founder of Visual Comfort and his wife, Gayle, which was featured in the August 2008 issue of House Beautiful. My husband happens to work for Visual Comfort, the big brother company to Circa Lighting , (owned by Andy Singer's sister, Gale Singer) and we had the pleasure of seeing the Singer's home in person over the weekend. To say that it is even more beautiful in person would be a total understatement! The gorgeous, classic interiors were designed by Houston's premier interior designer, J.Randall Powers.

The expansive, 7,500 square foot home was modeled after an Italian Villa and exudes just as much warmth as it does elegance. I know that House Beautiful had to edit what it could show of the house within the confines of the magazine, but I was still so surprised by so many gorgeous elements of the home that were left out of the article. Since I do not have specific requirements for the articles I publish on La Dolce Vita, I wanted to share some elements that were not the main focus of the magazine article, as well as some rooms that may look familiar to you. The home is incredibly tasteful and features all of the finest finishes you can imagine.

The chic study

This powder bathroom is so striking in person. The walls are covered in chocolate linen and the sink is carrara marble.

Another shot of the downstairs powder bath
Framed antique intaglios by Liz Spralding available at Memorial Antiques and Interiors

This little alcove with an antique bench is directly across from the powder room.

A lovely vignette outside of the master bedroom

The use of textures is present throughout the home and adds quite a bit of warmth. In the master bedroom alone you have several textures: custom seagrass rug, linen wallcovering, a leather setee at the foot of the bed with a cashmere throw, a wool rug, and the fine bed linens. I also love the symmetry of the framed Roman sketches throughout the master bedroom.

The sitting area in the master bedroom is the portrait of perfect symmetry.

This is part of Mrs. Singer's dressing room. The chair is Michael S. Smith and the chandelier is a Parisian antique from the late 1800's. Don't mind my reflection in the mirror!

The beautiful master bathroom features all of the finest finishes.

The formal dining room was designed using neutral tones. The chandelier is an antique from Paris and it inspired the Paris Flea Market Chandelier that Visual Comfort produces for Circa Lighting.

Another exercise in perfect symmetry, the bistro mirror is also an antique from Paris, the Rock Crystal Lamps are Visual Comfort.

The bar/wine cellar was one of my favorite rooms in the house! No, I'm not a lush. I just love the rich colors of the gorgeous brown cabinetry, the chocolate linen wallcovering with nailhead trim, carrara marble countertops, and the incredible assortment of antique French bottles. Notice the lamp in the background was fashioned from an antique seltzer bottle like the one in the foreground.

The opposite side of the bar area

This hallway is next to the kitchen, in the most casual part of the house.

The huge, beautiful butler's pantry

Another view of the butler's pantry

Andy affectionately calls this "the cat's bathroom". The fixtures in this room are slightly more modern.

The beautiful breakfast room features an upholstered banquette and chairs along with some spectacular sconces.

The gorgeous kitchen is a dream! The white cabinetry, carrara marble counters, and lighting are perfection. Notice the lovely turquoise color that was used to paint the inside of the upper cabinets and the lovely contrast they add to Gayle's beautiful collection of vintage ironware. The Plymouth Primitive Stools are from Richard Mulligan.

A nook in the kitchen

This is the landing at the top of the stairs. The abstract art found throughout the house adds an unexpected, but welcomed twist to the otherwise traditional interiors.

The Gameroom

A close-up of the seating in the gameroom

The Singer's young son has the coolest room ever! It has very tall ceilings and a loft. This is part of his bathroom.

His vanity complete with African Masks and Mercer lighting fixtures from Circa

Another vignette in the hallway upstairs
I love the starburst mirror on top of the larger mirror.

The sitting area in the guest suite is home to antique furnishings and handblocked striped wallpaper.

The guest bedroom showcases the Roman sketches found throughout the home. The bed is upholstered in a rich paisley fabric.

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of this gorgeous home!

Visual Comfort Lighting is available through Circa Lighting.


alice said...

Every room is so well done. I love how they have used subtle neutrals and also high contrast in various areas.

I love the white marble in the bar and all of the colorful bottle and silver displayed on top.

Thanks for the tour!

My Notting Hill said...

Awesome post! Love the sunburst mirror on the mirror and the bar/wine cellar too. So great to see more of this house. Thanks!

London Calling said...

Stunning home! Especially enamored with the antique french chair at the vanity. I kinda have a chair thing. Great post.

Things That Inspire said...

Fascinating tour! How did you get away with taking so many pictures? Did you tell them about your blog?

I had a feeling that chandelier in the dining room was an antique. It is really beautiful.

Great post!

LindsB said...

oh my gosh, that place is beyond amazing. I was just going through the pictures and second and third time to try and pic out a few of my favorite, and I cant because I love them all! Awesome post!!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

London, I totally agree on the chair. It is quite special!

TTI- The Singers know all about my blog and they read it on a regular basis. I was like a kid in a candy store when Andy gave us a tour. I wanted to take it all in, observe every detail, and photograph everything, but of course, I have some restraint. I did ask later on if I could take some pictures and he said "Sure! Take as many as you like," so I did. :)

Ann said...

What a lovely home, and if I were to live there I think I would be lounging in the sitting area of the master's bedroom most of the time. I bet it also has a wonderful view in the mornings.

columnist said...

Beautiful, and just up my alley - the symmetry and the architectural prints.

shill said...

and i am speechless!!!

Lauren said...

Wow Paloma! Just gorgeous. That guest bedroom was one of my favorite rooms. So glad you took so many pictures! Thanks for the insider's tour!! ;)

Lauren said...

Their house is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pictures! That bar is to-die-for!

Patricia Gray said...

A very tasteful home. Thanks for the peek.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Wow! Beautiful home!!

Jennifer said...

so beautiful! of course all of the lighting is stunning! and her collection of ironstone is quite enviable.

so glad you got to share it with us

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Fun! I loved it.

Pink Wallpaper said...

WOW!! how lucky to be able to be a guest at that fab house...how lucky to be able to own that house...love the kitchen and the chocolate linen covered walls....

twin2trip said...

Beautiful! I wish I knew how to layer mirrors like they did. Do you know how they mounted the sunburst mirror onto the larger mirror?

josephine said...

i bet your husband wants a raise now!

Sheri said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know my blog link has changed to http://mavieenrose4.blogspot.com/


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love the dressing room! When I finally move from NYC, I want to have a big home with enough rooms where I can turn one bedroom into my own private dressing room! Thanks for sharing these great photos!

mt said...

Hi Paloma:

I found your blog via Eddie Ross. I love reading design blogs and yours is wonderful.

Like you, I live in Houston (NW) and appreciate the info on design stores in our city. I can't wait to visit them.


Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Hi Martha,

I'm so glad that you like my blog. Thank you for your kind words! It's always so cool to "meet" other Houstonians through the design blogs. I hope you'll keep reading. :)


avidHOME said...

So jealous! I love, love this house! Is that grass cloth in the son's bath? My favorite is the vignette outside of the master bedroom, and that gorgeous study - i love how it is masculine and feminine at the same time!

My Decor Style said...

Paloma - This home is so pretty. I like every room. My favorites - the chocolate linen in the walls. I want to do this in my son's room, but I am afraid because I believe the lighting has to be great for this to work. I love the kitchen - especially the brick mixed with the marble. I looooove the black cabinetry in the bar area. FABULOUS!

My Decor Style said...

Paloma - This home is so pretty. I like every room. My favorites - the chocolate linen in the walls. I want to do this in my son's room, but I am afraid because I believe the lighting has to be great for this to work. I love the kitchen - especially the brick mixed with the marble. I looooove the black cabinetry in the bar area. FABULOUS!