Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reality Bites

I found these pictures while I was perusing Us Weekly's website because the magazine just isn't enough sometimes.

Tim Gunn, Jillian Lewis, Rami Kashu, and Christian Siriano at the Project Runway Finale After Party

Back in Los Angeles, Heidi Klum totes two of her beautiful tots to Brooklyn Beckham's birthday party. Why wasn't I invited?

And from one of my other favorite reality shows, The Hills, I present to you: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (in Las Vegas at LAX nightclub), fame-whores and douchebags to the max. Has Heidi undergone more plastic surgery? From the looks of her face, my guess would be yes. Scented Glossy Magazines, I*Heart*You, what do you think?

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth partied at Villa in L.A. on Tuesday. I love Lauren's Chanel bag! It seems she has started a nice, little collection.


Paige said...

her lips have definitely been effed with. and she sort of looks like she has had an eye lift which is ludricrous to think at 22, but you know...hollywood. i think spencer looks like a psycho boy cabbage patch kid doll. anyone else think so?

I am Trish Marie said...

I love the picture of Heidi Klum hauling her two children around. That is real life. Trying to look cool and collected with struggling with two children.

And Heidi Montag looks manly now. She was pretty before. Now, not so much. And I have long thought that Spencer looks like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. Really. It is uncanny.

Dolce said...

Heidi and Spencer remind me my gag reflex still works. I wish they would move to Idaho and we'd never have to see them again.

SGM said...

It does look as if Heidi has had more work done! How about that "sexy" expression she's working?
God, they suck.
I too love the pic of Heidi--it is not easy to carry 2 kids like that. She's strong!

franki durbin said...

oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who indulges in such glossy mags and celeb scoop. I feel we're kindred spirits now ;)

and heidi k... how does this woman do it? talk about great genes!