Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rustic Glamour

I recently came across an ad for Hudson Furniture, a company that custom makes all types of furniture and accessories, but is best known for its beautiful, rustic tables which come in many shapes and sizes. I'm not typically drawn to a rustic look, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of this type of design.

Upon browsing Hudson's website, I learned that they choose only to use trees that have lived 250-300 years and are located in places where they would have to be cut down anyway (like ruining a home's foundation). I also realized that they have some seriously gorgeous pieces. My favorite is the gargantuan English Windsor table shown below. Almost immediately, I thought that it would be perfect for glamorous dinner parties. The juxtaposition of tons of candles, flowers, and beautiful china would be incredibly striking against the rustic wood. The Hudson table reminds me so much of Aleksandr Petrovsky's dining table from Season Six of Sex and the City, though it is about half the size.

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