Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Maison Alma

Maison Alma is a chic collection of luxury tabletop and giftware products by design veterans Peter Salgado and Kip Saucier of the interior design firm, Salgado-Saucier. They’ve designed homes for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and now, they’ve turned their discerning eye towards establishing a posh line of giftware made from the finest materials—expertly crafted high gloss glazes are paired with Platinum or 24K Gold detailing.
The Arienne Collection is inspired by “the Art Deco movement the pure and minimal aesthetic of each piece has been designed to easily compliment and fit into an array of existing lifestyles.” I personally love the pieces accented with 24K gold, but every last item is stunning. Maison Alma’s collection is ultra-chic, glamorous, and unique, making these items ideal holiday gifts. Not only are these pieces beautiful, they’re unique and memorable.

For more on Maison Alma, visit their website and Facebook page. This Saturday, Decmber 8th through December 11th, Maison Alma will be having a sale on One Kings Lane which will include many fabulous items. Don’t miss out!


Nikki Mata said...

excellent taste! love the gold!

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beach_bum said...

Looking forward to seeing what's going to be offered...the sale isn't up yet though.