Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping in Houston: AREA

December 2010 112

A few weeks ago I was reminded of how lucky we are to have such a great design scene here in Houston. My friend came to visit from California and she was blown away by the quality of our design stores and our decorative center. I can’t imagine that Houston ranks as high as New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco in people’s minds when they think about U.S. cities with strong design scenes, but we have a plethora of beautifully curated shops and exciting things happening in the Bayou City. After my friend’s visit, I blogged about Boxwood Interiors, a stunning local store and many of you e-mailed asking for more round-ups of design destinations in Houston.

AREA is a beautiful local design store that recently celebrated its fifteenth year in business. Owner, Don Connelly opened the store in 1995 and he and store director, Daniel Cuellar have been creating beautiful vignettes in the store ever since. AREA carries a variety of stylish homegoods lines including Visual Comfort, Arteriors, Aidan Gray, and Alexandra Von Furstenberg. It is located on Kirby Drive near West University, so if you are visiting Houston, drive around the nearby residential streets to see some of the prettiest homes in Houston (my three favorite streets are North Boulevard, South Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard). Then, stop by to marvel at the gorgeous goodies at AREA and pick up something fabulous to take back home with you. They have an amazing selection of furniture, pillows, lighting, unique accessories, books and candles among other stylish wares.

December 2010 109

{AREA recently expanded to fit even more stylish items into their beautifully styled space.}

December 2010 020

{An Eclectic Assortment of Accessories}

December 2010 025

{I love the shape and finish of this mirror along with the unique console.}

December 2010 022

{How amazing would it be to have this multi-paneled, mirrored screen with gilded trim? Can you say “glamour?”}

December 2010 033

{Waylande Gregory pottery atop an aged buffet table. I’d like one of each, please.}

December 2010 036

{I don’t really collect anything other than design books, but I’ve decided that I’d like to start collecting Waylande Gregory ceramics. Santa, are you reading this? I’d like to start with that turquoise leopard box.}

December 2010 041

{Quintessential Houston: slipcovers, seagrass, aged wood, and white orchids}

December 2010 044

{A Dramatic Chandelier Makes a Statement at AREA}

December 2010 121

{I absolutely love the Greek key detail on these beautiful throw pillows!}

December 2010 047

{Gorgeous Bone Inlaid Trays and Boxes}

December 2010 125

{I love this glamorous, tufted cocktail ottoman.}

December 2010 126

{I am officially obsessed with this amazing lamp! I love the shape and the large scale. It makes such a statement without taking up too much visual space.The Santos and agate pieces are fantastic as well.}

December 2010 054

{Looking into the New Part of the Store: I love all of these geometric, graphic pieces. They’re so bold.}

December 2010 058

{AREA carries an amazing assortment of home fragrances including Antica Farmacista and Niven Morgan.}

December 2010 068

{I love the drama of this image: the angel wing against the weathered wood of the wall and the reflection of the various chandeliers.}


December 2010 071

{Another Lovely Vignette- I adore the way they mix pieces from various styles and periods.}

December 2010 080

{My husband fell in love with this massive, rustic, antique table.}

December 2010 083

{This vignette is so “global chic”. I can totally picture it in a Parisian apartment! I love the color paletter and the sofa looks so inviting, yet remains chic. The tapestries and chrome coffee table totally make “the room”!}

December 2010 088

{This camel leather screen with nailhead trim was yet another piece I fell in love with. Notice the lovely lucite accessories by Alexandra Von Furstenberg. We mentioned them in our first High Gloss newsletter and the quality is outstanding.}

December 2010 100

{I am a little obsessed with the way this image turned out. The scale of this vignette is so stunning and everything is perfectly layered. There are plenty of textures and just enough color to turn this neutral space into a showstopper.}

Visit AREA:

5600 Kirby Drive #N5

Houston, TX 77005


Friend Area on Facebook


{All Images by Paloma Contreras for La Dolce Vita}


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

What an enjoyable tour of this shop, I spied several things I wouldn't mind finding a home for!

Stephanie said...

I love, love, love all the angel wing decor. My Mom would be in heaven, no pun intended. I wish I lived in Houston just for the store! Maybe they'd be so kind to ship stuff to Chicago...hmmm

Lilacandgrey said...

ok, can I have everything!!?
<3 Cara
Lilac and Grey

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I adore this store beyond.
It never misses the mark and the recent expansion only adds to the goodness.
I definitely think AREA has maintained a trademark look that other retailers haven't succeeded in knocking-off. The wares are spectacular and the store an experience.


Lindsey Suggs said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful store!! I love all of it. I'm heading to Dallas later this month, but maybe we'll make a special trip to Houston! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am going to visit asap! I live in Tomball near Houston and never venture into the city except for the Galleria or the Heights. Now I know I am missing out and am def. going to expand my horizons! When someone is new to the area, it takes a long time to find where to shop. Thank you for making it much easier!

The Purse-a-holic said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous stuff!


Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

Your posts on Houston shopping make me so jeally. I would move back just to be able to visit Kuhl-Linscomb any time I wanted. Chicago for sure has an exciting design scene and the Mart here is amazing, but it just doesn't have the same quality/amount of stores that Houston does. Jayson is obv amazing, but I think it has to do a bit with the premium on space. You just couldn't afford to do a space like KL here, and that gives me the sads.

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

I've only popped into Area a couple of times, but every time I do, I see so many things I'd love to have in our home!

autumn said...

what a gorgeous store--so many beautiful and unique items. just looking makes me want to jet down there and pick up some things for my house. of course, i could probably only afford a lampshade, but it sure was nice to tag along virtually with you to this amazing store.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That store is gorgeous!!IT's a good thing I don't live in Houston or I would be there all of the time!!

Wives said...

oh i just love this post! i soooo wanna visit Area when I'm in the area... :)
i loved the Waylande Gregory ceramics!!

Lourdes said...

What a gorgeous store and such beautiful inventory! *sigh*
Love your blog, btw.
feel free to have a looksie at mine if you have a moment:)

Karena said...

Paloma I don't even know where to begin when a shop like this is incredible!! Love it!!

Remember to enter my $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

Anna @ IHOD said...

Wow!! I could spend hours and hours exploring all the lovely details in this store!
Thanks for sharing:)

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

WOW, wish they were in Nashville..=(

nostalgia_rentals said...

Let's see... according to Google Maps, Houston is a 14 hour drive. Your post has got me thinking it would be worth it, though. I love everything, but especially those red deer trophy pillows. Any idea who makes those?

quintessence said...

I have "heard" bloggers speak of this store before - and obviously justifiably - what a fabulous space!! I think it's actually a good thing I don't live close - what temptation!

Linda in AZ * said...

* I just fell in love... times ten!!! What a FAAAABULOUS place, full of FAAABLOUS lovelies for our home!!!

Can/could/would you pleeeeeease advise me how to get one of those red pillows with the antlers? What an absolutely stunning addition this would be for my growing collection!!! "Pretty please?"...

Many warm holiday wishes,
Linda in AZ*

nostalgia_rentals said...

Linda in AZ -- I just found the antler pillow online: http://www.insideavenue.com/p-8500-antler-decorative-pillow-red.aspx

LiveLikeYou said...

Lucky I don't live in Houston-I would go broke in there!!

Michele from Boston said...

What a shame they don't have an internet presence!!! They'd really clean up. So many unique things.

Grant K. Gibson said...

I think that I might need to take a trip to Houston. I think that I could move into this store! Great photos!

Amy said...

I absolutely love this store! I'm going to miss it when I move to LA soon :(