Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: coco + kelley

Today, my lovely and talented friend, Cassie of coco + kelley is sharing the “10 Things” she can’t live without. Chances are, if you read design blogs, you know and love coco + kelley which has garnered both international praise in the design world as well as a loyal following of devoted readers who flock to Cassie’s blog for her fabulous posts on fashion, interiors, and entertaining.


1. The Beach

Growing up in Santa Monica, our family was constantly out by the beach riding bikes, playing in the sand... I can't imagine ever living without it! Give me a good sandy beach on a hot day and I'm in heaven.


2. Girl Time

Yes, the boys are fun, but nobody understands you like your girls. I have a small circle of very close friends who I love and adore, and a large circle of amazing women that I've met through blogging who offer endless fun and support. I feel blessed to have these lovely ladies in my life!


3. Coffee (Especially on a Rainy Day)

Blame it on living in Seattle for too long, or my habitual personality, but I honestly don't think I could live without my morning cup of coffee! Especially on our dark rainy Seattle days...


4. Travel

Whenever people ask where I find inspiration, I tell them, travel. I know it's the same for many of us - whether halfway around the world or in our own backyards, getting out of our comfort zone, seeing new places, people, and cultures - it's invigorating!

frederic lagrange2[1]

5. Sunday Dinners + Family

Ever since I can remember my family has had Sunday dinners together. As our lives became more hectic, those dinners became even more important because they made us take the time to get together. In fact, they're probably the reason that gathering friends together with food is such an important part of my life now!

2_06_09 House & Garden via This Is Glamorous[1]

6. Home

Taking time away from everyone and everything else is essential to me, and my home is my absolute escape. It's a space that's all my own where I can do what I want, be who I want, and decorate how I want!

marthastewart glamreception[1]

7. Champagne

Let's be honest. There's no need to reserve the bubbly for special times. Nothing makes me happier than a glass of champagne!

8. Music

I grew up in a home where there was always music playing, and I can't imagine not having a soundtrack to every second of my life! Music is definitely food for my soul.

LMD floral[1]

9. Fresh Flowers

There's a reason boys are supposed to give them to girls when they're mad. Who doesn't smile at fresh flowers?? They may feel like an indulgence, but they make such a huge difference in a room!

lover via carolina eclectic[1]

10. Vintage Treasures

The thrill of the hunt is what makes me happiest when it comes to vintage finds. I adore pieces that feel like they have history to them - whether I find them at the thrift store or the antique markets! They're all little treasures that add so much to my home and wardrobe. I adore them!


Laura Trevey said...

the beach, girl time and coffee... Isn't that all we really need?

I love this post ~ great picks Cassandra!


Unknown said...

i'm with you on EVERY single one!

Wives said...

Just love the picture of the tu-tu at the beach! What a wonderful post, love these so I can follow more awesome bloggers. thanks paloma!

C. Anne said...

AH seattle coffee and fresh flowers! I can't work without fresh lilies in my workspace.

Luciane at said...

LOVE Coco + Kelley and now I'm loving a little more!

Wonderful, wonderful!

Thanks for this, Paloma!

Btw, go take a look at my post today... since you're having a new mag, you need to know about ROBERTO MIGOTTO. He's a very famous brazilian interior designer. Tell me what you think.


Luciane at

The Iconic said...

Great post. Lover her!xx

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

Great list! Cassie is such a wonderful person...glad you featured her!

Suze Yalof Schwartz said...

Love your blog! I did a post on your Fabulous Room Friday feature

Logan said...

Great list. Me + my family are big on sunday dinners as well. Must be an Italian thing ;)

Rachael said...

I love this list and the pictures, especially the beach picture! I feel like we have so much in common with this list. For example, I grew up 10 minutes away from Huntington Beach and yearn for the beach now that I live some hours away.

Anonymous said...

Great List! I'd only have to add my dog.

Design Goddess said...

I'm just commenting on the photo with the books & hat boxes. I love it. It's so dainty and feminine.I have a couple boxes as well but I only store pictures in them.

carolyn said...

i second #7 and #9!!