Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can a girl give away too much?

Popsugar has posted a brand new Sex and the City movie trailer. This one is longer than the first, but it gives away many of the plot lines, so watch at your own risk. I am kind of shocked that they would give up so much of the movie. Has the studio not learned anything from Charlotte? A girl should keep her "audience" waiting and shouldn't give so much away so soon. If you decide to watch, let me know what you think about Carrie and Big, Miranda and Steve, Charlotte's new family, and Samantha and Smith.

Meanwhile, check out what Patricia Field has to say about how each girl's style has evolved and what she has planned for the movie's wardrobe in this USA Today Article.


Julie said...

I am so excited about this movie I wouldn't DARE view any kind of spoiler. I miss my girls so much!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I saw the trailer on Pop. I'm going to have to watch all 6 seasons on DVD before the movie comes out. Maybe we should get a bunch of our girls together for a movie night!

girl meets glamour said...

I can't wait for this movie, but I hate it when a trailer gives away too much!!

Things That Inspire said...

I loved the trailer, it makes me even more excited about the movie. I can't wait!

Didn't they say some of the plot lines were part of dream sequences?

May 30 can't get here soon enough!