Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Daniella of Dress, Design, Decor

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Daniella is the talented woman behind the beautiful and inspiring blog, dress design decor. Daniella writes about a variety of things including interior design and fashion. She works as a designer and is on a continuous search for inspiring new things. I love the tone of her blog which always comes across as rather serene. Every time I leave Daniella’s blog, I feel inspired.


1_alicia_bock_photography {Image via Alicia Block Photography}

1. Travel - Every couple of months or so I always seem to get the travel bug, whether it's a vacation in Europe to visit family, jetting off to Paris, or even a little local weekend trip, it's so much fun to just head out and experience somewhere new every now and then...

2_design_sponge_blog {Image via design*sponge}

2. The Country - There is something so relaxing and simple about the country that I absolutely love, especially during late Summer, early Fall... there's so much fresh produce at the market, local festivals, weekend trips and warm sunshine to enjoy! I love all those moments of slowing down a little...

3_fromkate'spaperie.com_G.Lalo_BorgheseCards {Image via Kate’s Paperie}

3. Cards & Stationery - I am a huge fan of sending out cards or little handwritten notes. I'll spend hours to find the perfect card for someone special. I have a quickly growing collection of all the beautiful stationery I've been collecting over the years too. Snail mail goes a long way these days...

4_via_honeyandjam{Image via Honey & Jam}

4. Books & Coffee - I could never, ever give up walking into the bookstore, grabbing a coffee, and perusing the aisles for hours. It's such a relaxing activity for me. I just love the smell of paper and coffee intertwined, as odd as that sounds!


5. Olivier Soaps - A new found love of mine, Olivier Soaps is Canadian-based and so lovely to use! Their bars of soap don't leave you with that "filmy" feeling and they smell absolutely wonderful, without being too overpowering. My favourites are "Her" and "Lilac"...


6. J.Crew heels - A little while ago I tried on a pair of heels at another shoe store and remembered again why I buy my heels from J.Crew, lol... so, so comfortable and I can wear them all day long! There's no way I could wear any other pair of heels now. Loving the latest "Clara" pumps!


7. Pearl Earrings - Be it my precious pair of pearls from my boyfriend, or the pairs of costume jewelry I've collected over the years, I love wearing pearls with practically anything. They're just so simple and classic - perfect when you're in a hurry to dress in the morning!

8_viaflickr_byABeachCottage{Image via By A Beach Cottage on Flickr}

8. Magazines - The obsession started as soon as I could read and magazines eventually took over my whole bedroom! I love picking up a brand new glossy in the anticipation of the beautiful design and photographs inside. There's nothing like it!

9_viajuliablog {Image via Julia Blog}

9. Blogging - How would I ever get by without my daily dose of inspiration? There's so many wonderful bloggers out there, I love catching up on them all. There is so much to share and I've connected with so many wonderful people. I love our little design blog community, don't you? :)

10_FRYD   DESIGN_viaeverythignfabulous {Image via Everything Fabulous}

10. My boyfriend - Of course I wouldn't be able to live without my wonderful boyfriend Rick! I love spending as much time together as we can (living in two different cities and all)... and I'm so proud of him as he's just about to enter police college! It's an exciting time for us both :)


Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Daniella, you just wrote the story of my life. Thanks so much for featuring "Dress Design Decor," Paloma!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love Daniella! Of course, I agree with so many of these from travel to books and coffee and blogging.

C. Anne said...

She has such a chic blog, it always makes me smile! I can't live without my passport too, its like getting 'withdrawel symptons' if I haven't travelled for too long.

Rachael said...

Loved this post and can relate to a lot of items on the list...I will definitely be checking out her blog.

BTW the images are so pretty!


debra@dustjacket said...

This is just beautiful, I love quite a few things on this list myself.

Sarah Klassen said...

What a sweet and lovely post :)

Daniella shares such wonderful things, which I always look forward to daily!