Sunday, June 22, 2008

Smart Wardrobe

Fabian and I saw Get Smart on Friday night. While we've never seen the original, we are big Steve Carrell fans, so we decided to check it out. He was hilarious as one would expect, but my favorite part of the movie was Anne Hathaway's wardrobe (she plays agent 99) which was filled with lots of fabulous coats and jackets, including a Burberry trench that I can't find a picture of to save my life!

Fitted, cream motorcycle jacket

The same white trench from the movie poster

Another white coat

Anne looking fabulous in a little black dress and heels while fighting crime as Agent 99


Michelle said...

I just recently discovered your blog, and had to let you know how much I love it. I'm a fellow Texan (living near Dallas), as well! I've started my own style blog, which I hope has as much style as yours one day!

Cailin said...

Hey there! Love your blog. I'm actually a Houston blogger as well - I write about beauty, though I'd love to write a blog about fashion! :-) Drop me a line sometime. We Houston ladies gotta stick together.