Sunday, December 9, 2007

This Week's Quote

My weekly quotes are usually meant to be somewhat inspirational or thought provoking. However, this week, I feel like posting something fun! If you have been watching season 4 of Project Runway, then you are probably familiar with over the top, Christian. He absolutely cracks me up! In the first episode, he said that his outfit was "a whole lot of look". I would have to say that Christian is "a whole lot of queen" and I love him for it!

The quote that most stands out to me from this week's episode was when he was pondering what the judges would think of his competitor's design. He said " You never know. The judges could die over it... or they could die from it."

I'm sure we will get many more memorable lines from Christian this season.

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Hello Cupcake said...

he is fashion-forward, take risk!! so th judges will dye over him!