Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great News from the set of the Sex and the City Movie

So, you may have heard about the possibility that there might be two more Sex and the City movies. Well, I have it on good authority from a behind the scenes source that two sequels are in fact, in the works!!!


Sheri said...

WooHoo! I haven't seen the first, but now I can't wait for the sequels. :D

Oh, and is it just me or does Kristin Davis really look a lot slimmer? She looks great in that pic.

Cote de Texas said...

Paloma: email me at

I have a present to send you! :)
you'll like it, I promise!


Things That Inspire said...

I really wish they would just do a series again! I miss the show so much.

Paloma said...

Things That Inspire- I couldn't agree more. I can't tell you how often I watch my SATC DVDs!

Brilliant Asylum said...

You made my day!