Saturday, December 22, 2007

Look at the stars, look how the shine for you...

I'm not ordinarily a big fan of the color yellow. Sure, I have a few yellow pieces hanging in my closet, but that's about it. The cover of the January 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living made me see it in a whole new light. It adds such a great, unexpected punch to an otherwise neutral palette. I know I'm probably late to the Yellow Party, but better fashionably late than never. Maybe this is what Chris Martin was singing about a few years ago.

The Martha Stewart Kitchen

Pieces from the Gucci S/S 2008 Collection

J.crew City Suede Flats in yellow are an easy way to make an outfit fun.

This outfit is from The Lorick Collection. They design most of Blair Waldorf's clothes on
Gossip Girl.

I had originally saved this picture because I loved the style of the curtains, but I love the color more and more every time I look at it.

Yellow lamps add a quirky touch to an otherwise glamourous room.

The Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs made yellow its signature color.


Things That Inspire said...

What a great post! You have collected some lovely images. I have a touch of yellow in my family room. I was going to paint the walls yellow, but a friend dissuaded me (for which I am very grateful); instead, I painted them a soft sage green and the yellow accent is in the pillows.

Paloma said...

TTI, I think your friend was right in dissuading you. It may have been to much. Although a soft yellow may have looked nice. Anyhow, I think it's a great color in small doses. It can make a room really "pop".

Cote de Texas said...

I love those saffron drapes. Michael Smith did a room with those and it is gorgeous! The drapes just make the room. In the new Southern Accents A.Branca uses the same saffron silk drapes. Where did that picture come from, do you remember?

Paloma said...

Joni, unfortunately, I don't remember where I got the picture from. I think at the time, I just loved the shape of the drapes and just saved them for future reference. If I remember, I'll let you know!

mrsplainjane said...

This M.S. cover is one of my favorites in a long while. It's so clean and fresh, bright and cheery. :) A perfect contrast to this wintery weather. I love all your photos, esp. the yellow suede shoes.