Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Personal Style, Defined: All the Best

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Today’s installment of “Personal Style, Defined” marks the end of the series, at least for the foreseeable future. It has been so wonderful to see where other bloggers and designers find their inspiration, and essentially how they define their personal style. It is actually a more difficult thing to do than you might think, so I am glad that so many of my talented blogging friends were up for the challenge. Thank you for the great response throughout this series! I have a new series in the works that will officially debut on November 17th, with a sneak peek next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

We are closing out the series with none other than Ronda Carman of All the Best. Ronda has made a blogging career out of profiling some of the most talented designers and style setters of our time, so it should be fun to see how she defines her own style. Enjoy!

I thought it would be quite difficult to define my personal style. I am very ADHD when it comes to design, and there are so many styles that I like and admire. I started with one of my all-time favorite images. This Kate Spade ad captures my personal style on so many levels. I often find that my fashion preferences play out in my interior preferences. I love red and black against a natural background, open my closet and it a sea of black—but you will always find red! While I tend to lean towards classics styles, I adore playful touches. Contemporary art in a traditional, uncluttered room always makes my heart sing. And, like jewelry, it’s the unique accessories that make all the difference in the world. They can make or break a room or an outfit, and of course, it's all about editing! Thank you for including me Paloma, it was really a lot of fun.

After looking at the Kate Spade ad again, I realized that many of the photos in my "favorites file" follow a similar pattern.

Elizabeth Mayhew’s living room makes me smile. The playful and unexpected art is a great punctuation mark against white walls. Not to mention that sofa brings the room to life!

4.AP. Desk[1]

The work of Alex Papachristidis is imaginative, creative and surprising. He confidently juxtaposes the boldness of modern art with sumptuous elements of traditional décor. His use of red is superb!


These two rooms are wonderful examples of contemporary art giving life to beautiful, unfussy living space. Brilliant!


Accessories, accessories, accessories. Edit, edit, edit. Todd Romano is King!


ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you so much for including me Paloma!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Great series Paloma. So happy to see what Ronda defines as her style. Her choices are exactly what I would of expected. Timeless and exquisite.

All the best indeed ~ deb

vicki archer said...

Lovely images chosen by Ronda, xv.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

What a treat to learn more about Ronda and her style!! And I must say, her taste is impeccable! I especially love the second to last photo. That is going straight to my inspirational folder!

Thanks, Ronda & Paloma for bringing us a wonderful post!


Things That Inspire said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your 'Personal Style Defined' series, Paloma. Your blog keeps on getting better and better! Many of my favorites were featured in this series, and I look forward to seeing what you unveil next.

Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth Mayhew's style. Her book FLIP! for Decoratin is so useful! Do you know who makes the ikat fabric in the Alex Papachristidis room?

Averill said...

I love all of the red and black in these spaces and the art choices by all these designers are so spot on. Great way to end the series!

eve said...

Beauty really is in the details. I love your blog!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Lovely end to this series! I'm so honored that I was able to be a part of it a while back. Can't wait for the next one to start up!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Great feature- loved looking at all the beautiful photos!

x ws x

Gypsy Purple said...

Was a great series..enjoyed it...great post !

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...


wonderful series! Rhonda had fabulous photos and has a great blog!

btw- happy birthday!



Nora Leah said...

What a well-curated collection of interiors. Thank you!