Monday, April 28, 2008

Simply Fabulous

I found these photos on Popsugar and thought they were so great that I had to share.

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend, Miranda Kerr at the horse races in Australia. She looks very 1940's, Coco Chanel to me while he is so 1963, Mick Jagger in a suit. I'm not a huge fan of Orlando, Miranda, or Mick for that matter, but I think they look so fabulous here.

Tina Fey arriving at David Letterman.
I love the chic combination of the sleek, black sheath paired with the nude Louboutins.


Pink Peony said...

I love Tina! She is proof that woman can be smart, funny & pretty.

Anonymous said...

But I knew her in college. Frumpy, mustachioed and not very pleasant. Glad to see that people can grow.