Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bedroom Inspiration Update

You may remember that I posted some ideas for our bedroom about a month ago. (The picture that originally inspired me is shown here on the left.) Well, my ideas are pretty much the same. I’m still planning to do all white linens, paint the room taupe to match our bathroom, and add some accents in a cool blue-green color. I’ve decided not to go with colored lamps because I’m afraid I will eventually get tired of them. I think it would be best to go with a more neutral option, but I need your help deciding! Please let me know which ones you like best.

A shot of our bathroom. We will paint the bedroom the same color.

I bought two of these pillows at Z Gallerie to go on the bed. They are different colors on

each side.

Crystal Balustrade Lamp

Crystal Block Lamp

Crystal Chubby Column Lamp

White Gourd Lamp - Do you think there would be too much white in the room?

Gourd Lamp in Antique Silver Leaf- The picture doesn't do it justice. We would definitely go with a more modern shade.

All lamps are from Circa Lighting.


Andj said...

georgous bedroom inspiration pics!!

Cote de Texas said...

Paloma - I know the girl that owns that bedroom. Just a tip - in the new Paper City - that house that is featured is her new house. They were divorced and sold the old house. Thought you might enjoy seeing the old vs. the new and I just thought of something - I'm going to do a blog on it myself! haha btw I lvoe that bedroom and think it would be so easy to duplicate. You just need a headboard and the mirror - those are the important elements, plus the drapes, but those would be easy to copy. I love the balustrade lamps. I've used those from Restoration Hardware a few times in client's houses. Are you ok? The surgery and all?????