Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ebony + Ivory

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{Miles Redd’s Glamorous Black and White Bathroom | Photo by Mark Sikes}
I don’t think I will ever tire of black and white. There isn’t anything more basic or beautiful to me than a well-done composition of black and white whether it is in fashion or decor. As much as I love to embrace color, sometimes it just feels good to get back to basics.
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{A Beautiful Exercise in Symmetry}
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{A Super Chic Black Lacquered Bar}
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{Black and White Broad-Striped Sofas add a Graphic Touch to this Crisp Space}
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{A Classic White Kitchen with Black Accents—A Dramatic Lantern, Classic Black Door, and Simple Stools}
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{Bailey McCarthy’s Stunning Bathroom as featured in Matchbook: Lacquer, Marble, and Brass—is there anything more timeless or chic?}
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{Fresh, Modern, and Chic Kids’ Room}
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{Lily Donaldson in a Chic, All Black Ensemble}
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{The Gorgeous Candice and Rosie in Black + White}
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{French girls have the best style!}
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{So, this image has a lot more color than the others, but Maggie Betts’ dress is white—and ultra chic! She has such fabulous style.}
Do you wear a lot of black and/or white? Are any of your rooms done in a black and white palette?


Kristina said...

I've never decorated with black and white but I wear it all the time - it looks so crisp and put together.


A Lifestyle Thing said...

Oh, LOVIng all these goodies. I agree, B&W couldn't be any more timeless. In fact, I just blogged about how it seems to be my one main stay, i.e., my store front, my home, and how I dress. Happy Hump Day Paloma!

April Sharman said...

I love the black and white looks! And the first bathroom is seriously glamorous!

Julie said...

I looove the white kitchen with black accents, although I'm partial to the combo because it's what we have now. something about it just speaks to me. the chandelier is gorgeous!

Winkywalnut said...

I adore those black & white stripe sofas gorgeous! My ensuite is black & white floor so I've got other black and white items to accessorise, black champagne bottles with white candles in and Victorian silhouette portraits it never bores me!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a source for the photo of the kids room? I'm looking for a similiar bed (simple, white, four poster, and with a headboard).


melbournetime said...

Just a heads up that picture number 9 is not a French girl, it's a Swedish blogger, Emma Elwin. Gorgeous girl!