Sunday, March 1, 2009

James Swan for Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs recently joined forces with Beverly Hills interior designer, James Swan. Their collaboration is a brilliant idea! They decided to work with a well-known designer in order to style their product line in a slightly different way. The concept is similar to what they did when they had Domino Magazine style the fabulous dining room that has appeared in their recent catalogs.

It is certainly inspiring to see the way that a talented designer would use the furnishings a Ballard Designs client might decide to purchase. I love Ballard for their fantastic and attainable array of furniture and accessories and am very excited about some of their newest products. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with James about the inspiration behind his work with Ballard.

LDV: What can we expect to see in your collaboration with Ballard Designs?

JS: The first incarnation of our relationship will be in the March/ April catalog. I was asked to take new and old products combined with my aesthetic to show clients what looks can be achieved. The overall look is traditionally based with a modern twist… fresh patterns, fresh perspective, fresh look

LDV: Do you have a favorite Ballard piece?

JS: The Eastern Writing desk in the living room (as shown in the first picture) has a beautiful scale. It works beautifully in bedrooms, small studies, and in multiple other applications.

LDV: Where did you draw your inspiration for the Ballard project?

JS: The bulk of inspiration came from the home in Atlanta that we were working in. I try to listen closely to space I am working in to see how it wants to be designed.

LDV: How would you describe your style?

JS: It is definitely rooted in the classics. I am a classicist by birth, tempered with an ongoing understanding of what modern day life requires. A room is not complete until something antique is in place, something with a sense of history.

LDV: Which room is your favorite to design?

JS: My all time favorite room to work in is the dining room. I am a big proponent of sitting at the table and lingering over a great meal and conversation with family and friends. By nature a dining room has huge functional and stylistic challenges. When you get it right, and people are encouraged to sit, linger, and enjoy conversation, I get a huge sense of satisfaction.

LDV: Who are your style icons?

JS: Alberto Pinto, Albert Hadley, and Juan Pablo Molyneux

This room was designed by one of Swan's favorite designers, Alberto Pinto

LDV: What is your idea of living La Dolce Vita?

JS: It would be centered around a manageable space, friends and family, and an environment that I am passionate about. I love winter snow skiing. My happiest moments have been at my home in the snow.


Lauren said...

Awesome post!!!! So exciting!! I love Ballard too & their shipping time is amazing.

me melodia said...

that lavender room is exquisite.